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13 April 2015

Review: 'Pretty Shore' by Carla Caruso (2014)

Professional organiser Celeste Pretty has a summer getaway planned in well-to-do Robe, the 'Hamptons' of Australia. She's staying at the beach 'shack' of her hunky new builder beau, Lenny Muscat. The first week she'll de-clutter the holiday home of fashion designer Sabine Cloud with her assistant, Flip Belmont. Then she'll enjoy loved-up bliss with Lenny.

But despite Celeste's penchant for organisation, things have a way of veering off-script. She soon discovers the last person who occupied Sabine's pad - the designer's model daughter, Romy - died from a possible overdose. Plus, Sabine's uber-glam real estate agent seems intent on throwing herself at Lenny. Meanwhile, Flip is distracted by the bad-boy son of a rock star, Blaise Zenith, who some say is responsible for Romy going off the rails.

And Celeste thought sunburn and sand in the house were all she'd have to worry about these holidays.

Last year I was introduced to author Carla Caruso when I got the chance to read and review her novel 'A Pretty Mess', the first part of the Astonvale series. I really enjoyed the book (click here to read my review) and fell even more in love with Carla's writing style when I reviewed her Christmas novella 'Secret Santo.' I couldn't wait to read the second part of the Astonvale series, 'Pretty Shore', and was really happy when I managed to get a review copy through NetGalley. I looked forward to catching up with Celeste, Lenny, and Flip and kept my fingers crossed, hoping I'd enjoy the novel as much as I enjoyed the first Astonvale book!

Celeste Pretty can't wait for her holiday with her hunky boyfriend Lenny Muscat in the small beach town of Robe, Australia. However, Celeste's holiday doesn't officially start until she has finished her latest assignment, organising the house of designer Sabine, one of the Robe locals who also happens to be the mother of supermodel Romy who died recently. While Celeste's assistant Flip is unexpectedly distracted by bad boy Blaise, who is rumoured to have been involved in Romy's death, Celeste has her hands full not only dealing with her best friend suddenly not talking to her anymore but also the gorgeous local real estate agent, who seems to have set her sights on Lenny...

Sometimes sequels can disappoint, especially when you really enjoyed the first book of a series and the second book has to live up to that. Luckily, this was not the case with 'Pretty Shore, which is just as much of a thoroughly entertaining and fun read as 'A Pretty Mess'. I personally love Carla Caruso's writing style; it's well-paced, really comfortable to read, and perfect for the chick lit genre. Celeste and Flip are two great female characters and I loved the fact that the author decided to focus on both their storylines, which were just as interesting. The two women are dealing with different things and I was fascinated by everything happening to them from the first chapter until the last. 

The novel also has a wonderful scene setting which made me long for a warm and sunny day at the beach! It's also a read that's perfect for a day at the beach, but just as perfect when you're craving a bit of sunshine in your life. I definitely advise readers to first pick up 'A Pretty Mess' before reading this, because I think it makes the reading experience more fun if you know the characters' background stories. Overall, 'Pretty Shore' is a summery, thoroughly entertaining read with a good dose of fun, secrets, and intrigue; I already can't wait to read the third Astonvale novel, 'Pretty Famous'!
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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Oh, you are too kind, Jody!!! Have put a smile on my face. Thanks so much!

    1. You're very welcome, Carla! Thanks for visiting my blog! :)