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24 November 2016

Upcoming Release: 'All I Ever Wanted' by Lucy Dillon

Caitlin's life is a mess. Her marriage to a man everyone else thinks is perfect has collapsed, along with her self-esteem, and breaking free seems the only option.

Nancy, her four-year-old daughter, used to talk all the time; in the car, at nursery, to her brother Joel. Then her parents split up. Her daddy moves out. And Nancy stops speaking.

Nancy's Auntie Eva, recently widowed and feeling alone, apart from the companionship of two bewildered pugs, is facing a future without her husband or the dreams she gave up for him.

But when Eva agrees to host her niece and nephew once a fortnight, Caitlin and Eva are made to face the different truths about their marriages - and about what they both really want...

Of course December is the month when all of us fanatic readers are adding books to our wishlists, hoping Santa will treat us to some fabulous new reads by the time Christmas is here. Well, this December there is definitely one read I can't wait to get my hands on and that's Lucy Dillon's 'All I Ever Wanted.' Not only does the book have a lovely winter cover, but I also really like the book blurb and think the story sounds incredibly promising. Definitely a read that has been added to my Christmas wishlist, and I can't wait to hopefully share my review of it with all of you in the near future! / / Goodreads

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