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17 July 2014

Weekly Feature: Once Upon a Story...

 'Once Upon a Story' is a weekly feature in which we go back in time and focus  on a specific novel that was released in the same month we're in right now (in this case May), but a few years back! It can be a women's fiction classic from the 1990's or perhaps a great chick lit read from 2011. I thought it would be nice to not just focus on recent releases, but also take the chance to jump back in time once a week and look back at wonderful reads that have been released over the years!

This week, we're travelling back to July 2001 to look back at...
Elle Woods, California University senior, seems to have it all. President of Delta Gamma sorority, she's aced her major--sociopolitical jewelry design-and is on the verge of becoming Mrs. Warner Huntington III. Too bad Warner, bound for Stanford Law, dumps her with the explanation that he now needs a more "serious" woman at his side. Faced with this unexpected reversal of fortune, Woods doesn't get depressed, she gets busy.

Thanks to a creative application video and a demand for "diversity" at Stanford Law, Elle is admitted. Soon she's packing up her convertible-as well as her miniature Chihuahua "Bruiser"-and heading north, determined to win back her man.

I think most of you will be familiar with the fabulous film 'Legally Blonde' starring Reese Witherspoon. What a lot of people don't know is that the film is actually based on a novel with the same title written by Amanda Brown, which was released in July 2001. The book tells the story of Elle Woods, a blonde girl who seems to have it all but unexpectedly loses her boyfriend because he wants a 'more serious' woman. She goes on a journey to convince him of her worth, and it's quite the journey which starts at getting accepted into Stanford Law. I loved both the film and the book, and I definitely recommend both of them to any chick lit fans!

Be sure to visit the blog next week for another blast from chick lit past with 'Once Upon a Story...'!

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