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14 July 2014

Book Bargain: Short Story Collections by Victoria Connelly

I'm a big fan of Victoria Connelly's work. I read her wonderful novel 'A Weekend with Mr. Darcy' a few years ago and since then I've been in love with her way of storytelling. Recently I had the chance to read and review her latest release, 'A Summer to Remember', which was another amazing read (click here to read my review).

 If you are still looking for a great and relaxing summer read to take with you on holiday or to enjoy while you're staying at home, be sure to pick up Victoria's short story collections! The books just got beautiful brand new covers, each collection consists of at least 10 short stories and they are now available in e-book format for just £1.99!

Visit Victoria's website for more information or click on the links below!

One Perfect Week (and other short stories)

Postcard from Venice (and other short stories)

The Retreat (and other short stories)

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