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31 July 2014

August 2014 releases!

I can't hardly believe how fast time is passing by... We're already nearing August, which means we are in the middle of summer and hopefully all of you are enjoying some days off from school or work and can find the time to relax with a lovely book by your side! Luckily, the month of August has some pretty exciting new releases coming up and I'd like to share the ones I am most excited about with all of you today. Be sure to have your wish-list ready, because I can promise you that you will want to write some of these titles down!

Holly McQueen - 'Charlie Glass's Slippers' (5th of August)

When Charlie’s beloved father, iconic shoe designer Elroy Glass, dies after a long illness, everyone expects that he’ll leave his business to his glamorous wife and eldest daughters. After all, they’ve been running the company for years. But Elroy surprises everyone from beyond the grave: at the will reading, it’s announced that his fashion empire has been left to Charlie, his youngest—and plumpest—daughter.

Before she can run the company, Charlie decides she needs to make a few changes in her life. After several weeks at a California boot camp, she returns to London a new woman: thinner, blonder, and ready to revitalize the Elroy Glass brand. But as she’ll soon discover, a good esthetician and a killer pair of stilettos can only go so far, and there’s more to reinvention—and running a fashion empire—than meets the eye.

Why so excited? --> I love modern remakes of fairytales, so I can't wait to read this retelling of the famous story of Cinderella. Besides, I love pretty shoes, so I won't be able to ignore this gorgeous cover as soon as I see it lying in a book shop somewhere!  


Beth Harbison - 'Driving With the Top Down' (5th of August)

Colleen Bradley is married with a teenage son, a modest business repurposing and reselling antiques, and longtime fear that she was not her husband’s first choice. When she decides to take a road trip down the east coast to check out antique auctions for her business, she also has a secret ulterior motive. Her one-woman mission for peace of mind is thrown slightly off course when sixteen year old Tamara becomes her co-pilot. The daughter of Colleen’s brother-in-law, Tamara is aware that when people see her as a screw-up, but she knows in her heart that she’s so much more. She just wishes her father could see it, too.

The already bumpy trip takes another unexpected turn when they stop at the diner that served as Colleen’s college hangout and run into her old friend, Bitty Nolan Camalier. Clearly distressed, Bitty gives them a story full of holes: angry with her husband, she took off on her own, only to have her car stolen. Both Colleen and Tamara sense that there’s more that Bitty isn’t sharing, but Colleen offers to give Bitty a ride to Florida.

So one becomes two becomes three as Colleen, Tamara, and Bitty make their way together down the coast. It’s a road trip fraught with tension as Tamara’s poor choices come back to haunt her and Bitty’s secrets reach a boiling point. With no one to turn to but each other, these three women might just discover that you can get lost in life but somehow, true friends provide a roadmap to finding what you’re really looking for.

Why so excited? --> I love books about women going on road trips together, and I think the three completely different female characters in 'Driving With the Top Down' already sound fascinating and promise a good story.


Carolyn Dingman - 'Cancel the Wedding' (5th of August)

On the surface, Olivia has it all: a high-powered career, a loving family, and a handsome fiancé. She even seems to be coming to terms with her mother Jane’s premature death from cancer. But when Jane’s final wish is revealed, Olivia and her elder sister Georgia are mystified. Their mother rarely spoke of her rural Southern hometown, and never went back to visit—so why does she want them to return to Huntley, Georgia, to scatter her ashes?

Jane’s request offers Olivia a temporary escape from the reality she’s long been denying: she hates her “dream” job, and she’s not really sure she wants to marry her groom-to-be. With her 14-year-old niece, Logan, riding shotgun, she heads South on a summer road trip looking for answers about her mother.

As Olivia gets to know the town’s inhabitants, she begins to peel back the secrets of her mother’s early life—truths that force her to finally question her own future. But when Olivia is confronted with a tragedy and finds an opportunity to right a terrible wrong, will it give her the courage to accept her mother’s past—and say yes to her own desire to start over?

Why so excited? --> Carolyn Dingman's upcoming August release sounds like a great book I think I will definitely enjoy. I have a soft spot for characters going back to small towns to discover something about their family, or to have a look at their own happiness in life, so I have a feeling I'll be picking this one up sooner or later!


Carole Matthews - 'The Christmas Party' (7th of August)

Louise Young is a devoted single mother whose only priority is providing for her daughter, Mia. Louise has a good job in a huge international corporation and she's grateful for it. The only problem is her boss who can't keep his hands to himself, but Louise can handle him. What she really doesn't have time for is romance - until she meets the company's rising star, Josh Wallace.

Louise usually says no to evenings out but she's decided to let her hair down tonight. It's the office Christmas party, she has a pretty dress to wear and she's looking forward to some champagne and fun. She's completely unaware that others around her are too busy playing dangerous games to enjoy the party - until she's pulled into those games herself...

Why so excited? --> I know some people might think it's a bit early to start reading Christmas novels, but I'm incredibly excited about Carole Matthews' upcoming Christmas release! Her books are amazing and I personally think Christmas can't come early enough!


Matt Dunn - 'What Might Have Been' (12th of August)

A year ago, Evan and Sarah shared one incredible night. Then Evan’s music—the thing that brought them together—suddenly tore them apart.

Since then, Evan’s not been able to forget about her. And try as she might, Sarah can’t seem to get over him either.

With time running out, Evan’s got one last chance to convince her that the two of them were meant to be. But is one night enough for Sarah to make a decision about the rest of her life—even if it was the best night of her life? And if she doesn’t believe in love at first sight, how can Evan persuade her that what they had will last?

Why so excited? --> I have to admit I'm already excited to have a male author on this releases list for a change! I'm not familiar with Matt Dunn's work, but I love the sound of 'What Might Have Been' and think it promises to be a really good read!


Louise Douglas - 'Your Beautiful Lies' (14th of August)

Annie Howarth is living a restless life in a restless town. It's 1987 and for a mining community in South Yorkshire, the strikes mean tensions are running high. Then a murdered girl is found on the moors and the anxiety levels are pushed to a dangerous breaking point.

Married to the Chief of Police, Annie should feel safe – William can be secretive, though surely whatever he's hiding is for her own good.

But Annie is keeping her own secrets. Ten years ago the man she loved was ripped from her life in a scandal that still haunts the both of them, and now his return will put her family, her marriage, even her life, at risk.

Why so excited? --> I've been lucky enough to have received an early review copy of 'Your Beautiful Lies' and I'm quite excited about it! It promises to be an intriguing read, based on the blurb, so I look forward to picking it up and checking it out!


Dani Atkins - 'The Story of Us' (14th of August)

You’d think a day when your whole life changes should be marked in some way. But for Emma, it wasn't. She had been celebrating her hen night, a low key evening out with friends, when the car accident happened.

Though Emma survived, her memories are hazy. Sometimes she can hear snatches of her friend's screams, or smell the fumes of petrol. Most of all though, she sees the shadowy man who saved her life. No-one else saw him. But he was definitely there. And as he pulled her from the wreckage, he promised he would always stay right behind her. But where is he now?

As Emma prepares for the wedding she'd always dreamed of, she can't help dreaming of someone else...

Why so excited? --> I've heard many good things about Dani Atkins' previous release, 'Fractured', and it has definitely made me even more curious about her new book, 'The Story of Us.' I would also definitely pick up this book just for its cover, though, it's gorgeous!


Fanny Blake - 'With a Friend Like You' (14th of August)

Beth is a woman in supreme control of all aspects of her life and family, with a stellar career and her house an oasis of calm. Her closest friend, Megan, is very different; somehow she swims through the chaos of her family with ease, the clutter on the stairs, the cat footprints on the kitchen work space. And while they could not be more different, Beth and Megan have a genuine friendship built on years of laugher, tears and true understanding of each other's strengths and weaknesses. Because that's what friends do, isn't it?

But when Beth's daughter reveals a surprising secret, a wedge is driven between Beth and Megan. What begins as mild recrimination and misunderstanding develops into a full-blown row and then a simmering feud. 

As the two women square up to do battle in the London suburbs, there's everything to play for. All's fair in love and war...

Why so excited? --> I'm not familiar with Fanny Blake's work, but I have a feeling 'With a Friend Like You' would be a great read for a sunny summer's day in the park. Don't we all love a good fictional feud between friends every now and again? I know I do, so I look forward to reading this novel!


Marita McKenna - 'The Rose Garden' (14th of August)

Molly’s perfect life comes crashing down following the unexpected death of her husband David. She is left alone with a big old house to maintain, finances in disarray and her hopes for happiness in a heap. But Molly is a survivor. Despite objections from her two daughters, Molly fears that the only solution will be to sell their beloved home. But as she finds herself drawn to the old neglected and overgrown walled rose garden and the dilapidated gardener’s cottage attached, shesuddenly sees a future as shedecides to restore them.

As the rose garden takes on a new life and starts to bloom again, Molly finds that she can look to the future with new confidence and hope.

Why so excited? --> I actually received a review copy of this book last year and I really loved it (click here to read my review). I love the paperback version of the book (such a lovely cover!), and definitely recommend it to any women's fiction fans!


Ella Harper - 'Pieces of You' (14th of August)

Thirty-something Lucy and Luke Harte, have everything – jobs they love, a great home, lovely family and friends – except the one thing they want the most: a baby.

After eight miscarriages and years of disappointment, their luck has finally turned. Lucy is nearly four months pregnant – the furthest she has ever got – and both she and Luke are ecstatic. But fate has another plan for Lucy and, on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Luke is involved in a horrific car accident.

As Luke lies in a coma, Lucy tries, with the support of her mother-in-law Patricia, best friend Dee and sister-in-law Nell, to hold everything together.
But life for Lucy and the Harte family is about to change more than they could ever have imagined when Stella, a colleague of Luke’s, turns up at the hospital pregnant with his baby…

Why so excited? --> The e-book version of 'Pieces of You' will be released on the 14th of August, followed by the paperback version in September. I think the book sounds quite intriguing, a promising read I look forward to picking up!


Julia Llewellyn - 'Lovestruck' (14th of August)

Do you trust the ones you love?

Jake and Rosie fell in love fast. Before they knew it they were married with kids, and happily living in a cramped flat in London. All the while Jake struggled to make it as an actor - waiting for that big, lucky break.

When he got it - courtesy of his agent, Christy, who also happens to be Rosie's best friend - everything changed. Suddenly Jake was hardly there, working hard, always in demand - a rising star.

But as fame and fortune reveals a side to Jake that Rosie's not sure she likes, she begins to wonder just how well she knows the man she married. And soon enough she's questioning how far she can trust the woman always at his side - her best friend Christy...

Why so excited? --> I love the sound of 'Lovestruck'! The book has a lovely cover, a great plotline, and Julia Llewellyn is known for her captivating stories, so definitely an August release I'm excited about!


Colette Caddle - 'First We Take Manhattan' (14th of August)

Identical twins, Sinéad and Sheila Fields, have always done everything together and so, after graduating in millinery, they decide to open their own hat shop. It's a small business but thanks to hard work and talent, they build up a loyal clientele. Then one day a glamorous young actress buys one of their hats, wears it to the Baftas and suddenly success seems guaranteed.

But within weeks, tragedy strikes when Sheila disappears, and is presumed dead. After months of desolation, Sinéad is just beginning to come to terms with her loss when she is given new hope: there has been a sighting of her sister. While she is filled with excitement at the thought that Sheila might be alive, she is haunted by questions. Why would Sheila have deserted her twin without a word? After all, they had always told each other everything … hadn't they?

Why so excited? --> I love Colette Caddle's books and I've been looking forward to this new release for quite some time! It sounds like an exciting and intriguing read, and I love the title!


Kathy Lette - 'Courting Trouble' (14th of August)

Tilly has the day from hell when she's sacked from her barristers' chambers in the morning, then finds her husband in bed with her former best friend in the afternoon. She escapes to her mother, Roxy - a sassy solicitor whose outrageous take on men, work and family life is the despair of her more conventional daughter. Roxy comes up with a radical plan for their future - they'll set up an all-female law firm which will only champion women who have been cheated, put upon, attacked, ripped off or ruined by the men in their lives.

In court, Tilly finds herself up against Jack Cassidy, the smooth-talking, politically incorrect, legal love god who broke her heart at law school. Jack is fluent in three languages - English, sarcasm and flirtation. but if he's so loathsome, then why is she committing Acute Lust in the 3rd degree?

When a case lands on the doorstep that threatens to change all their lives, Tilly finds herself dangerously close to taking the law into her own hands. Will Jack's cunning ways and expertise in emotional break and enter derail her quest for justice? Or will the women take on the boys, and win?

Why so excited? --> I was asked to be part of the blog tour for Kathy Lette's novel and I'm really excited about it! The book promises to be a good read, and I can't wait to sit down with it.


Kate Winter - 'The Happy Ever Afterlife of Rosie Potter (RIP)' (18th of August)

Falling in love is never simple. Especially when you're dead.

When Rosie Potter wakes up one morning with what she assumes is the world's worst hangover, the last thing she expects is to discover that she's actually dead. With a frustrating case of amnesia, suspicious circumstances surrounding her untimely demise, and stuck wearing her ugliest flannel PJs, Rosie must figure out not only what happened last night, but why on earth she's still here.

Slowly the mystery unravels, but there are many other secrets buried in the quiet Irish village of Ballycarragh, and nobody is as innocent as they first appear. Aided by the unlikeliest of allies in her investigation, Rosie discovers that life after death isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly when you might just be falling in love...

Why so excited? --> I love the originality of this novel; the blurb already tells us the book is about a heroine who discovers she is dead but still on earth... The book has a great title and it has definitely caught my attention!


Alison Lucy - 'The Runaways' (21st of August)

It should be the perfect wedding... A blushing bride, an American hero. Rachel has the happy ending she always wanted. So what's holding her back from saying 'I do'?

Rachel ran away once before, just after her father died. This time she's washed up in sunny California and she's blissfully in love. But before she can marry Judd, there's a chapter of her past that she needs to resolve. A chapter that goes by the name of Seth.

Janey, Rachel's godmother, is a successful New York high-flyer but being single in her mid-thirties is starting to make her feel like a failure. When her goddaughter asks her to find an old friend called Seth and make sure he comes to her California wedding, she agrees to help her out.

Can a road trip with a stranger help steer Janey in the path to love? And will Rachel realise that when it comes to escape plans, is getting married ever a good idea?

Why so excited? --> 'The Runaways' sounds like a wonderful summer read, perfect for a relaxing day at the beach or in the garden. I love the sound of this road trip, and have a feeling I will really enjoy this novel!


Ellie Adams - 'It Had to Be You' (28th of August)

The worst break-up ever... Could be the best thing that has ever happened to her.

Lizzy Spellman has been dumped. At a party.While wearing a Henry VIII costume. By the man she thought was The One. Someone even filmed it, so now she's a massive YouTube hit sensation too.

Just when she thinks things can't get any worse, she meets the rudest, most cynical man in the world, and gets a new mission in life. To prove him wrong.

Love does exist, and she's going to find it...

Why so excited? --> Ellie Adams is a pseudonym for author Jo Carnegie and I am really looking forward to reading this. I've been lucky enough to have received a review copy, and the cover looks gorgeous and the blurb sounds great... Definitely one of the August releases I am most excited about!


Linda Green - 'The Marriage Mender' (28th of August)

Alison is a marriage mender. Her job is to help couples who fear they have reached the end of the line. But the trouble with spending your time sorting out other people’s problems is that you tend to take your eye off your own.

Even when her husband’s ex Lydia arrives on the doorstep demanding to see her son, Alison thinks she can handle it.

But what Alison doesn’t realise is that Lydia is the one person who has the ability to destroy their happy family. And sometimes the cracks can run so deep that even a marriage mender can’t repair them.

Why so excited? --> I really like the idea of a 'marriage mender' and am quite curious to check out Linda Green's novel. It also gives me a chance to discover the work of an author I'm not familiar with yet!


Liz Trenow - 'The Poppy Factory' (28th of August)

For Jess and Rose, the realities of war have terrible repercussions…

2012 and Jess, an army medic, is back home following her tour of Afghanistan. Shell-shocked by what she has seen, she wonders if her life will ever be the same again. Can help come through her great-grandmother Rose’s diaries?

1922 and Rose has just welcomed her beloved husband Alfie home from the First World War. But the homecoming is not what Rose had expected; Alfie returns from war a changed man, and not the same person Rose married. As he struggles to find work and to cope with life, Rose struggles with temptation…

Can an old factory, set up to help injured soldiers, help Jess, Rose and Alfie and save them from the heartache of war?

Why so excited? --> Liz Trenow is one of my favourite historical authors, and I've already read 'The Poppy Factory' and it's an amazing book. Definitely a recommendation; keep an eye on this blog for a review of the book later this month!


Hazel Osmond - 'The Mysterious Miss Mayhew' (28th of August)

Tom doesn't need any more women in his life. He already has his hands full with his five year old daughter, an estranged wife who keeps blocking his efforts to get divorced and a mother who might be having an affair with the vicar. When Fran Mayhew turns up - years younger than him and with all the tact of a dinosaur with its backside on fire - she's just another tricky person to deal with.

And what's she doing in his remote part of Northumberland crawling around in graveyards anyway?

But soon Tom discovers that there's more to Miss Mayhew than meets the eye - and it's not just his heart he's in danger of losing.

Why so excited? --> A lovely colourful cover, the promise of a captivating story... What's not to get excited about?!


Isabelle Broom - 'The Wedding Speech' (28th of August)

Ed waited until all the eyes in the room were on him before he began. He took a deep breath, inhaling as he did so the sweet scent from the lilies, which were arranged extravagantly in front of him. 'Ladies and gents, I promise to try and keep this short and sweet…'

When Billy asked his best mate Ed to be his best man, Ed knew he would have to make a speech and he was dreading it. But he also knew how important it was to Billy - and to his soul mate and wife-to-be, Amelia. So Ed is determined to do them proud. But little does he know that it will be the most important speech he will ever make, and his toast - 'To Billy and Amelia - together forever' - will mean more than he ever thought.

Why so excited? --> 'The Wedding Speech' is a short story by author Isabelle Broom, and even though it's not a complete novel I really wanted to share it with all of you today. The cover is absolutely stunning and I think it will be an incredibly romantic story chick lit fans will not want to miss!

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