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29 July 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I love making lists, so this feature fits me perfectly! If you also take part in this feature or have any additions to my lists, please get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!
Ten Authors I Own the Most Books From

I couldn't join in with the Top Ten Tuesday fun last week, but I'm back again with this week's new top 10 list which includes the 10 authors I own the most books from. There are a few authors which I could straight away add to the list, but I have to admit I found myself counting books to see which other authors would make the list! I'm curious to see who are some of your favourite authors, so be sure to leave a comment or a link to your own Top Ten Tuesday list!  

1. Jane Austen

I'm a big Jane Austen fan, and even though I already have multiple copies of each of her books, I can't help myself whenever I see a pretty new edition I don't have yet. Austen's name is definitely one that appears a lot of times in my book collection, whether it's different editions of her own work or adaptations or retellings of her stories!

2. J.K. Rowling 

I own all the Harry Potter books, so that already makes 7 J.K. Rowling titles. I do own several editions of some of the parts, and I also have her other books, including the ones she wrote under a different name, which I think at least counts for half in this list! 

3. Lindsey Kelk

I love love love Lindsey Kelk's books. Her 'I Heart...' series is simply fabulous, but next to the 6 parts of that particular series I also have copies of all the other books Lindsey has released so far. 

4. Carole Matthews

Carole Matthews has become one of the household names within the world of chicklit. She has released more than 24 books, and I think I own at least half of them, and am still adding to that collection!

5. Meg Cabot 

I fell in love with Meg Cabot's 'The Princess Diaries' book series when I was young and over the years I've continued to read her amazing books. She has some great series for all ages, and I still can't get enough of her writing.

6. Ann M. Martin 

There were no books I loved more than the Babysitters Club series by Ann M. Martin when I was a little girl. I've saved all the copies I ever bought and there are quite a lot of them!

7. William Shakespeare 

 During my time as an English Literature student I think I've had to read every single Shakespeare poem and play that exists. I have all kinds of different Shakespeare books lying around the house, so he definitely deserves a place on this top 10.

8. Alexandra Potter

Alexandra Potter was one of the first chick lit authors I fell in love with when I was a teenager, and I remember walking around book shops, searching her novels. I have all of them (11 in total, I think), which gives her a place on this list as well! 

9. Nicholas Sparks

My Nicholas Sparks book collection is almost complete, but I'm still missing a few titles. He's one of those authors whose books I pick up without even looking at the description, because I know I'll end up loving it.

10. Sophie Kinsella

Another chick lit author whose novels I can't get enough of. I have almost all Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham books, and soon a new Shopaholic book will be added to it... I can't wait!


  1. I love your list, I remember reading the Babysitter's Club too, not sure if I kept them though. I love your blog layout. Here is my list

  2. If I still owned all my Babysitter's Club books they would have been #1 on my list. But I don't.

    J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen are on my list though! And you have made me aware of some authors I haven't tried but now want to (Alexandra Potter, Carole Matthews, Lindsey Kelk). I only recently began reading in the genre of contemporary romance and haven't tried them yet. Or Sophie Kinsella, but she was already on my list.

  3. I havent read Harry Potter, but I do have a few Jane Austen books. I love classic covers, they are always to pretty.

  4. I wish I had all the Meg Cabot books! I read them all from the library! If I had them, she would be on the top of my list! Great post! New follower! Check out my TTT

  5. Hello, kindred spirit! I have some of the same authors on my list too.