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28 July 2016

Review: 'Cloudy with a Chance of Love' by Fiona Collins (2016)

Every cloud has a silver lining when it comes to love…

Daryl Williams never minded the fact that she had a big bottom. It’s always been behind her. In fact, it was one of the things that her husband loved about her. Until he ran off with her best friend, Gabby.

Daryl knows that she needs to get back in the dating game, she just doesn’t know how. So when her colleague suggests taking a fortune forecast, she reluctantly agrees. And it looks like Daryl’s luck is in, by Friday she has a 99% chance of falling in love!

Only, even when it’s written in the stars, finding the one after the one is never easy…

Earlier this year, in April to be exact, I was part of the blog tour for author Fiona Collins’ great novel ‘A Year of Being Single’ (click here to read my review). The novel was a thoroughly enjoyable read and one I can definitely recommend to any romantic comedy/chick lit fans out there. I was really surprised when I found out Fiona Collins’ second novel was about to be published rather quickly after the first one, but also excited to check it out. ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Love’ has a simply lovely title and book cover and I was curious to see whether I’d end up enjoying this new novel as much as I did ‘A Year of Being Single’! 

After her husband ran off with her best friend roughly a year ago, Daryl Williams is now a forty-something divorcee trying her very best to move and get her life back on track. Her friend Sam truly believes it is time for Daryl to get back in the dating game and this is only confirmed after the two of them take a fortune forecast. According to the forecast, Daryl has a 99% chance of falling in love by the end of the week and Sam is determined to make the forecast come true. With her handsome new neighbor Will and evenings filled with speed dating and a cooking class for singles, Daryl undoubtedly has enough opportunities to get some male attention, but is she really ready to fall in love again after everything that has happened…?

I think I am slowly falling in love with Fiona Collins and her writing; ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Love’ is another entertaining romantic comedy which I didn’t want to put down and just really enjoyed from start to finish! The book already had the great title (which also fits in really nicely with main character Daryl’s job as a weather presenter on the radio) and a lovely book cover, and the story inside is definitely one that matches, filled with a great sense of humour. Protagonist Daryl is really funny and down-to-earth and the kind of character I think many readers will be able to relate to in one way or another. I’m not yet in my forties, not a mum, and not out in the dating field, but I easily warmed to Daryl and just loved reading her story, focusing on rebuilding her life after her husband left her for her best friend a year ago, and seeing what happened to her. 

Thanks to her friend Sam (who is one of several great secondary characters), Daryl finds herself in some entertaining situations, such as a speed dating evening and a cooking class for singles, and I really just couldn’t get enough of the book. Romantic comedies like this one are perfect to take on holiday with you for a read that will make it easy to forget about everyday-life for a few hours, but it’s a read I’d like to recommend to anyone looking for their next read; you won’t be disappointed. ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Love’ is another fantastic read by Fiona Collins; an entertaining, fun and light-hearted romantic read that will undoubtedly make you laugh, I loved it!
For more information about this book: / Goodreads

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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