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8 July 2016

Blog Tour: 'Intrusion' by Mary McCluskey (2016)

Kat and Scott Hamilton are dealing with the hardest of losses: the death of their only child. While Scott throws himself back into his law practice in Los Angeles, Kat is hesitant to rejoin the workplace and instead spends her days shell-shocked and confused, unable to focus.

When an unwelcome face from Kat’s past in England emerges—the beautiful and imposing Sarah Cherrington—Kat’s marriage is thrown into a tailspin. Now wealthy beyond anything she could have imagined as a girl, Sarah appears to have everything she could need or want. But Sarah has an agenda and she wants one more thing. Soon Kat and Scott are caught up in her devious games and power plays.

I'm a lucky book blogger this week because I am a part of a few exciting blog tours, if I may say so myself! My favourite book genre is chick lit/romantic comedy, but I can really enjoy a suspenseful thriller every now and again. So when I was contacted about author Mary McCluskey's debut novel 'Intrusion', which was released on the 1st of July, I was really intrigued to check out the novel and give it a chance. Next to 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings' the blog tour is making a stop over at Chick Lit Club (where I'm also part of the team) tomorrow, so be sure to also visit some of the other blogs mentioned on the blog tour poster for some exclusive content and other reviews!

Kat and Scott Hamilton had been happily married for years when something terrible and completely unexpected happened to them; they lost their only son, seventeen-year-old Chris, in a car accident. Neither Scott nor Kate know how to go on with their lives after this. While Scott throws himself into his work as a successful lawyer, Kate just tries to take things day by day. When a familiar face from the past emerges in the form of Sarah Cherrington, Kate's former best friend and Scott's new client, Kate tries her best to stay away from Sarah, but to no avail. Sarah seems to want more than just be friends with Kate again, and as she starts to cause all kinds of trouble Kate can't help but wonder what exactly it is that Sarah wants...

Mary McCluskey's debut novel 'Intrusion' is a psychological drama that had me hooked from the first few pages. I was incredibly curious to learn more about Kate and Scott and their marriage and the issues they are facing, especially after having read the promising book description. Mary McCluskey's writing is intense, fast-paced and captivating and I wouldn't have minded at all if the novel had been even longer, perhaps with another smaller sub-plot added to it. 

While the story held my interest from start to end and is definitely a promising debut novel, I couldn't help but be slightly disappointed. After seeing this book being compared to a big title like 'Gone Girl', perhaps I set my expectations a bit too high. The story was interesting enough, definitely, but it didn't really surprise or shock me, which I think in a way I was expecting. The potential is definitely there, so I will pick up the author's next read, but I can't help but feel as if this story could have been more. 'Intrusion' is a very promising, gripping and suspenseful debut novel by new author Mary McCluskey; a psychological drama with a lot of potential, and even though I personally expected more of it, I thoroughly enjoyed it and certainly recommend it to other readers looking for their next read.
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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