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7 April 2014

Upcoming Release: 'No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday' by Tracy Bloom

Never has a late-night stand led to such chaos!

Childhood sweethearts Matthew and Katy agree they must never see each other ever again after they end up in bed together following a school re-union.

So all is forgotten...until eight months later when a shock meeting at an antenatal class forces them to confront the fact that Matthew could be the father of Katy's baby. Oblivious to the mayhem unfolding, Matthews highly strung wife frets over giving birth to twins and Katy's much younger boyfriend refuses to take fatherhood seriously.

Love and life are messy but Katy and Matthew take things to a whole new level as deep emotions begin to resurface and hormones run riot.

How will they navigate their way through this almighty pick-up?

Over the past year I've regularly seen messages from other book bloggers and on Twitter about Tracy Bloom's novel 'No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday.' It's quite a striking title and the blurb makes the book sound like a promising read. I'm curious to find out more about Matthew and Katy's story, so I definitely will be picking up my own copy of the book on the 24th of April! How about you?

Pre-order your own copy now on Amazon by clicking here!


  1. I grabbed an earlier edition of this book - and I LOVED it - one of my fave books of the year. SO FUNNY, don't miss it!

    1. I just finished the book and loved it! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, Jane, really appreciate it! :)