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9 April 2014

New Feature: Once Upon a Story...

The past couple of months I've been searching for ideas for a new weekly feature for 'A Spoonful of Happy Endings' and thanks to a friend I managed to finally come up with something fun! With this post, I'd like to introduce all of you to 'Once Upon a Story', a weekly feature in which we go back in time and focus on a specific novel that was released in the same month (in this case April), but a few years back! It can be a women's fiction classic from the 1990's or perhaps a great chick lit read from 2011. I thought it would be nice to not just focus on recent releases, but also take the chance to jump back in time once a week and look back at wonderful reads that have been released over the years!

This week, we're travelling back to April 2010 to look back at...

It's eleven years since Jem Catterick and Ralph McLeary first got together. They thought it would be for ever, that they'd found their happy ending. As everyone agreed, they were the perfect couple.

Then two became four, a flat became a house. Romantic nights out became sleepless nights in. And they soon found that life wasn't quite so simple any more. But through it all Jem and Ralph still loved each other, of course they did.
Now the unimaginable has happened. Two people who were so right together are starting to drift apart. And in the chaos of family life, Ralph feels more and more as if he's standing on the sidelines, and Jem that she's losing herself. 
Something has to change. As they try to find a way back to each other, back to what they once had, they both become momentarily distracted - but maybe it's not too late to recapture happily ever after ...
Lisa Jewell's debut novel 'Ralph's Party' was released in 1999 and I think many chick lit fans will agree that chick lit wouldn't be the same without Lisa Jewell's work! In April 2010, a sequel to 'Ralph's Party' was released named 'After the Party.' Numerous readers couldn't wait to read more about perfect couple Ralph and Jem, and as usual, Lisa Jewell did not disappoint. Of course, in 2014, Lisa Jewell is still one of the most-loved British female authors. If you're curious to check out one of her earlier works, I definitely recommend 'Ralph's Party' and 'After the Party'!

Be sure to visit the blog next week for another blast from chick lit past with 'Once Upon a Story...'!

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