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31 May 2016

Top Ten Tuesday - 10 Books I Plan to Read on the Beach

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I love making lists, so this feature fits me perfectly! If you also take part in this feature or have any additions to my lists, please get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!
10 Books I Plan to Read on the Beach

Oh, just the idea of the beach is making me long for the summer and particularly my summer holiday...! I'm not really going to the beach, because I'm going to Scotland, which I am incredibly excited about, but beach reads are the same as holiday reads for me; light-hearted and lovely books I am sure I will enjoy and will make me smile. The 10 books below have been at the top of my TBR for quite some time now and I can't wait to finally sit down with them!

Be sure to share your own TTT's in the comments section below; I'd love to hear from you! 

1. 'The Secrets of Happiness' - Lucy Diamond

I love Lucy Diamond's novels; her stories never disappoint and always make me smile, so they're the perfect summer holiday reads.

2. 'Always the Bridesmaid' - Lindsey Kelk

I'm a big fan of Lindsey Kelk's writing and I can't believe I still haven't read 'Always the Bridesmaid'... Definitely at the top of my list for books to read this summer!

3. 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After' - Jenny Colgan

I've loved the description of 'The Little Shop of Happy Ever After' ever since I read it for the first time and I'm determined to finally check the book out on my holiday this year.

4. 'Rules for a Successful Book Club' - Victoria Connelly

I really really want to check out Victoria Connelly's The Book Lovers series. I just know I will love these books, but so far I haven't had time to read them.

5. 'The Night That Changed Everything' - Laura Tait and Jimmy Rice

I read Laura Tait and Jimm Rice's debut novel and loved it, so I've been really excited about also reading this second novel of theirs... Hopefully this summer!

6. 'Eligible' - Curtis Sittenfeld

This has to be one of the 2016 releases I have been most excited about. It's a Jane Austen retelling and I really can't WAIT to finally read it.

7. 'The One We Fell in Love With' - Paige Toon

It's been quite a while since I read a Paige Toon novel, but she's a great author and I'm quite excited to once again check out one of her works.

8. 'The Love of a Lifetime' - Melissa Hill

This book sounds like the perfect read for a romantic girl like me and I think it will be the perfect summer/beach read <3

9. 'The Little Bookshop of Lonely Hearts' - Annie Darling

Another simply lovely novel I can't wait to read.

10. 'Summer Nights at the Moonlight Hotel' - Jane Costello
This even looks like the perfect summer read, right?! 


  1. I haven't read any of these books, but Eligible is on my list. I can't wait!