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12 May 2016

Review: 'Her Australian Summer' by Jean McConnell (2016)

When Laura inherits her Uncle Jim's seaside shop in Queensland, which sells coral and shells, she decides to spend her summer visiting Australia to see it for herself.

Arriving in the small town of Port Duncan she meets handsome farmer Nat, and charming property agent Kyle. As Laura gets to know the two men, she realises her stay in Australia might not be so simple as she'd first imagined.

Will Laura's Australian holiday bring real romance? And what secrets might the seemingly friendly people she gets to know be hiding from her? Only one thing is for certain, Laura's trip to the other side of the world is one she'll never forget.

Today I've got a review of a holiday romance novella, released by Corazon Books, to share with all of you; the perfect kind of quick read to get into a summer mood! Jean McConnell's 'Her Australian Summer' focuses on Laura, who travels down to Australia after inheriting her Uncle Jim's seaside shop. Laura isn't sure what she will find in Australia and whether she intends to stay there or go back home again after a short visit, but there quickly turns out to be more in Australia for her than she initially expected and she will need to make some important decisions.

Before picking up 'Her Australian Summer' I wasn't familiar with author Jean McConnell, and I think a novella is a great way to check out an author's writing before diving straight into a full-length novel. This is quite a short read, with roughly 62 pages in print, but definitely an enjoyable one that will make you long for a bit of sunshine and a summer holiday. I liked the protagonist, Laura, and was intrigued to see what her inheritance would bring her, especially since it involved her travelling all the way down to Australia, the other side of the world. 

The first few chapters of the novella were really good and I enjoyed how the author set the scene and introduced the various characters. However, I couldn't help but feel that as the end of the novella neared, the story suddenly became incredibly fast-paced and certain things happened without building up to them. I thought this was a shame, because the novella started off very promising. On the whole, though, 'Her Australian Summer' is an enjoyable holiday romance novella, perfect to read in just one or two sittings, especially if you're longing for a touch of summer!
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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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