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13 May 2016

Review: 'My Husband's Wives' by Faith Hogan (2016)

Paul Starr, Irelands leading cardiologist dies in a car crash with a pregnant young women by his side.

United in their grief and the love of one man, four women are thrown together in an attempt to come to terms with life after Paul. They soon realise they never really knew him at all.

The love they shared for Paul in his life and which incensed a feeling of mistrust and dislike for each other, in his death turns into the very thing that bonds them and their children to each other forever.

As they begin to form unlikely friendships, Paul's deaths proves to be the catalyst that enables them to become the people they always wanted to be.

Several weeks ago I was contacted by author Faith Hogan about the release of her debut novel 'My Husband's Wives' on May 1st by Aria/Head of Zeus. Faith not only wrote a great guest post for Connect - Chick Lit Club as part of the blog tour for her novel, but also provided me with a review copy of the book. I was straight away intrigued by the description of the story, which focuses on a group of women who are all somehow connected to the same man and come together after his unexpected death. I looked forward to checking out both the novel and Faith's writing and had my fingers crossed for a good read!

Evie, Grace, Annalise and Kasia are four completely different women who discover they have one thing in common: a link to one and the same man, namely Irish cardiologist Paul Starr. When Paul unexpectedly dies in a car crash, the four women are brought together and slowly but surely discover how each of them played an important role in Paul's life. While trying to deal with their grief in their own individual ways, the women also build up an unlikely friendship with one another, helping them to move on in a world without Paul.

'My Husband's Wives' is author Faith Hogan's debut novel and a book that has convinced me to keep an eye out for any of her future works. The book falls within the contemporary women's fiction genre and focuses on four female characters who are all in a way connected to the same man, Paul Starr. When Paul unexpectedly dies in a car crash, the four women are brought together and this is the start of an unlikely friendship. I really liked that the four women were clear individuals, different from one another. Evie, Grace, Annalise and Kasia each had their own story to tell and I loved reading about them individually and how they are suddenly thrown together due to specific circumstances.

I have to admit it took me quite a bit of time to get into the novel. I thought the first two or three chapters were too long and there wasn't enough action and dialogue to really get me interested. However, as soon as the pace quickened and things started to happen, I was hooked and really enjoyed finding out more about the characters and see the different relationships between them develop. Even though it wasn’t 100% my type of read, I definitely enjoyed it enough to know other women’s fiction fans certainly won’t regret picking this up and I am curious to check out more of Faith Hogan’s work in the future. ‘My Husband’s Wives’ is a compelling and heartfelt novel, filled with all kinds of emotions, and a promising debut novel by Faith Hogan!
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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