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26 March 2015

Review: 'Petite Confessions: a Humorous Memoirette' by Vicki Lesage (2015)

From champagne bottles to baby bottles, this memoirette offers a humorous look at an American mom's decade in Paris.

Party Girl Vicki moved to Paris hoping to drink her fill of wine and fall in love. She accomplished her goal, but encountered many bumps along the way: romantic encounters gone awry, absurd French bureaucracy threatening her sanity, and two adorable but impossibly energetic kids keeping her on her toes. This memoirette takes you on a journey of the ups and downs of Vicki's 10 years in the City of Light.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll want to open another bottle of wine.

It's already been quite some time since author Vicki Lesage first e-mailed me with a review request regarding her book 'Confessions of a Paris Party Girl' (click here to read my reviewy). I straight away liked the sound of the story which is partly biographical and based on Vicki's own experiences of being an American girl who decides to pack up everything and move to the City of Love, Paris. After her first book, Vicki released a second one titled 'Confessions of a Paris Potty Trainer', which is just as entertaining (click here to read my review). On the 8th of March, 'Petite Confessions: a Humorous Memoirette' was released and when Vicki contacted me about it, I already looked forward to sitting down with another one of her works!

'Petite Confessions' is a collection of author Vicki Lesage's personal experiences living as an American in the city of Paris. The book is a short and quick read (approximately 60 pages) and consists of several stand-alone chapters which showcase the author's writing style. I personally really enjoy Vicki's stories; her writing is funny, easy to get into, and flows well. Vicki doesn't mind sharing all of her personal experiences with French culture with her readers, embarrassing or not. 

This is a great introduction to the author's work, if you want to check out her writing style before picking up one of her longer books. If you enjoy these short stories, definitely give her other books a try; you won't be disappointed. 'Petite Confessions' is the perfect read for when you have a few minutes to spare, either on the bus home or during your lunch break; a funny, short but sweet read!
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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