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2 June 2014

Book Tour: 'Escape for the Summer' by Ruth Saberton (2014)

Can Andi Evans find the strength to start again? Betrayed and brokenhearted, Andi's redundancy is one shock too many. Suddenly single and in debt, a summer working in the pretty Cornish town of Rock seems the perfect solution. Determined never to trust again, will a chance meeting with a stranger change her mind?

Andi's sister, Angel, is determined to find a man who can keep her in style. Heading to Rock, summer playground of the rich and famous, seems an inspired idea until a misunderstanding threatens to end a romance that has started to mean more to her than she ever expected...

Actress Gemma is no stranger to diets and disappointments. As the future of her career hangs in the balance, Gemma hopes a summer in Cornwall solves her problems. With a reality TV show being filmed in the seaside town, surely she can avoid the pasty shops and win herself a role.

Arriving in idyllic Cornwall, all three girls are hoping for a holiday to remember. But will this be for the right reasons? Or, as emotions run higher than the tide, will the summer escape turn their lives upside down?

I'm thoroughly excited to be part of the book tour for Ruth Saberton's latest release, 'Escape for the Summer', organised by the lovely Nancy over at Fictionella! The novel was published on the 10th of April by Notting Hill Press and I’m really glad I got the chance to be introduced to Ruth Saberton’s writing. I hadn’t read any of her others novels before, or any written under her pen names Jessica Fox, Georgie Carter, Holly Cavendish and Lucy Hepburn. So, I sat down with a large cup of tea one day, ready to travel with Ruth and her characters to sunny Cornwall!

Andi Evans has suddenly lost her job, her boyfriend and all of her money and she feels like she has truly hit rock bottom. Angel, Andi’s sister, has a love for the finer things in life and doesn’t worry too much about her career or having enough food to eat. However, when she has lost her job she decides she needs to come up with a plan to score herself a rich and glamorous husband. Gemma, who is Angel’s friend and flatmate, is also struggling with some issues. She’s an actress who hasn’t been able to find any work recently, because of her love for baking and the tendency to eat all the yummy creations herself. However, she will need to get herself an acting job before she will be fired by her agent. Andi, Angel and Gemma are all ready to start anew, which is why they decide to pack their bags and go to sunny Cornwall for the summer. Each of them has her own goal, but what will the summer bring and will they be able to find a solution to their problems?

I am so glad I got the chance to review ‘Escape for the Summer’ because I adored absolutely everything about this novel! The three main female characters are brilliant. Andi, Angel and Gemma are loveable in their own individual ways, and I think it’s great how the author managed to create three completely different heroines who are all easily likeable. I personally particularly loved Gemma’s story, but I enjoyed the other storylines just as much. The setting was great; the descriptions of Cornwall were amazing and it almost felt like I was on holiday myself, sitting on a boat in the sunshine. 

Ruth Saberton’s writing is fantastic; well-paced, detailed, funny, and filled with great dialogue. I was also quite surprised with some twists and turns I did not see coming, which resulted in me not wanting to put the book down. As I already said, I loved the three main female characters, but there is a great collection of secondary characters as well, including some handsome and dreamy love interests for the girls. ‘Escape For the Summer’ is a truly amazing summer read that has all the required elements for the perfect romantic comedy. Definitely the read any chick lit fan needs to add to their holiday reading list right now!   
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Thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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