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7 May 2014

Weekly Feature - Once Upon a Story...

 'Once Upon a Story' is a weekly feature in which we go back in time and focus on a specific novel that was released in the same month we're in right now (in this case May), but a few years back! It can be a women's fiction classic from the 1990's or perhaps a great chick lit read from 2011. I thought it would be nice to not just focus on recent releases, but also take the chance to jump back in time once a week and look back at wonderful reads that have been released over the years!

This week, we're travelling not so far back to May 2013 to look back at...

Charley Summers doesn’t have a care in the world as she hands her gold-plated credit card over at the hair salon, where her wild curls have been transformed into a gleaming satin curtain. She lives in the lap of luxury, supported by a rich, successful husband and surrounded by a loyal group of friends.

Alarm bells don’t even start to ring when her card is declined twice. Some silly mistake, she thinks – and pays in cash. But it is no mistake. Charley’s world is about to collapse, as the business goes bust, the bank forecloses and bailiffs move in to take every one of their disposable possessions. Even her marriage cannot survive.

Charley has nothing – no house, no money, no qualifications. Just shame and sorrow – and the knowledge that she must get a job. Any job. And she must find somewhere to live – no matter how squalid and depressing. Then she must start repaying some of the money which her husband has so recklessly squandered.

But how on earth is she to do that? 
On the 9th of May last year, Arrow published Alison Sherlock's wonderful novel 'The Desperate Wife's Survival Plan.' I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of the book and it's a truly delightful read (click here to read my review). Charley Summers' world suddenly is turned completely upside down when her husband's business goes bankrupt and she is left without a home, any money, or a husband. She needs to start again from scratch, with all the trouble and frustration that comes with it! Alison Sherlock is a fabulous writer and I'm looking forward to her next release. If you're looking for an enjoyable chick lit read, then I'd definitely recommend this one! 
Be sure to visit the blog next week for another blast from chick lit past with 'Once Upon a Story...'!

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