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10 March 2017

The Rainbow Book Tag!

I love pretty book covers, so when I stumbled upon this fun book tag some days ago (click here) I straight away decided to have a look at some of my favourite book covers and take part!

1. Red
I decided to go with Jane Costello's 'The Love Shack' for the red book cover. It's not the prettiest shade of red, in my opinion, but I still think it's red and not pink, and it's a great book and a lovely cover!

2. Orange

I wasn't sure whether to go with red or orange or yellow for this one, so I decided to just go with the middle: orange!

3. Yellow

This cover really takes me back to when the book was first released and I couldn't wait to get a copy and didn't want to stop reading, while at the same time I didn't want to continue reading because I didn't want the book to end...

4. Green

I love all the different shades of green on this cover; fits the story so well!

5. Blue

I still clearly remember when I received a review copy of this book. It was my first Jane Green read, but the cover immediately jumped at me because of the amazing shade of blue and all the stars... Love it.

6. Purple

I had no idea there are so many purple book covers out there before I started looking for one I like, haha...! I immediately thought of Emily Liebert's 'Those Secrets We Keep' and also decided to go with that one in the end; I really like how the purple fades in the background and fits in with the picture of the three women.

7. Pink

Love the different shades of pink, and a great book as well...!

8. White

I have always loved this book cover and still do. Simple, classic, elegant...!

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