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7 March 2017

Upcoming Release: 'There's Something about Cornwall' by Daisy James

A knight in a shining camper van!

Life is far from picture perfect for food photographer, Emilie Roberts. Not only has her ex-boyfriend cheated on her, he’s also stolen her dream assignment to beautiful Venice! Instead, Emilie is heading to the wind-swept Cornish coast…

Emilie doesn’t think it can get any worse – until disaster strikes on the very first day! And there’s only one man to rescue this damsel in distress: extremely hunky surfing instructor, Matt Ashby.

Racing from shoot to shoot in a bright orange vintage camper van, Matt isn’t the conventional knight in shining armour – but can he make all of Emilie’s fairy tale dreams come true?

I really enjoyed Daisy James' previous stories and am really excited to have another one of her fun and romantic novels to look forward to this month! Tomorrow, 8 March, her book 'There's Something about Cornwall' will be released and besides a lovely cover, the description also promises an entertaining story. I can't wait to pick this up and hope I will enjoy it as much as I enjoyed Daisy's other novels, if not more...!

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