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24 January 2017

Top Ten Tuesday: My Next 10 Reads

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I love making lists, so this feature fits me perfectly! If you also take part in this feature or have any additions to my lists, please get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!
My Next 10 Reads

It's a freebie Tuesday this week, so I decided to make a list of the books I'm planning on reading next. I've decided to stop book blogging in the near future, so I'm currently busy making sure I can keep all promises made and read and review all books I still have waiting for me. These 10 have been part of my TBR-list for quite some time now, so I look forward to finally picking them up and checking them out!

Be sure to share your own TTT's in the comments section below; I'd love to hear from you! 

1. 'A Year in the Life of a Playground Mother' - Christie Barlow

I've had the pleasure of reading several of Christie Barlow's other books up until now, so I'm curious to finally check out this one!

2. 'Mixing It Up' - Tracie Banister

I loved loved loved Tracie Banister's novel 'Twin Piques' and have pretty high hopes for this other novel by her.

3. 'Summer at Rose Island' - Holly Martin

It's definitely not a punishment to have a Holly Martin read waiting for you; can't wait to catch a bit of sunshine with this summery chick lit read.

4. 'The Particular Charm of Miss Jane Austen' - Ada Bright & Cass Grafton

I'm REALLY excited about this Jane Austen inspired novel... Really hope I will enjoy it as much as I'm expecting to. 

5. 'An East End Girl' - Maggie Ford

I love a good war-time/historical romance every now and again and am not yet familiar with author Maggie Ford.

6. 'Smoke' - Catherine McKenzie

It's definitely time I finally dive into this novel!

7. 'The Good Girlfriend's Guide to Getting Even' - Anna Bell

I've only got love for Anna Bell and am really excited to read her latest release sometime soon <3

8. 'The Shogun's Queen' - Lesley Downer

This novel sounds like a really intriguing story and I look forward to picking it up in the next month or so.

9. 'There is Always More to Say' - Lynda Spiro

Another review request I received quite some time ago and I really hope I will be able to start reading it as soon as possible.

10. 'Who Does He Think He Is' - Emily Kerr

I love the cover of this novel, let's hope the story inside fits it!

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