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1 January 2017

Review: 'What Happens at Midnight' by Laura Chapman (2016)

Romantic comedy junkie Natalie lives out those fantasies in real life three New Year's Eves in a row when fate throws her together with the same handsome stranger. A heartbreaking turn of events leaves her swearing off of love, forevers, and the holidays (bah humbug). That is until the mystery man from her past reappears years later. Over a holiday season, Natalie struggles to reconcile the whimsical notions of her past with the practical sensibilities she has worked so hard to develop. With the countdown to a new year looming, she must decide whether or not she is willing to give happily ever after another shot.

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s already 2017; somehow 2016 has flown by… It has been a year filled with great books and I can only hope the next 365 days will include as many wonderful reads I was lucky enough to enjoy last year. My first review of the year is, quite fittingly if you ask me, a review of Laura Chapman’s novella ‘What Happens at Midnight’ which is mainly set during New Year’s Eve. I was actually introduced to Laura Chapman’s writing last year and thoroughly enjoyed her novel ‘The Marrying Type’, so I was curious to check out this particular story!

Sometimes fate shows itself in specific ways and romantic comedy lover Natalie can’t help but believe in fate when she bumps into the same guy three New Year’s Eves in a row. Even though Rob definitely is a handsome guy, the odds just don’t seem to be in their favour as circumstances make sure they somehow do not end up together and Natalie can’t help but give up on romance in general. A few years later, though, Rob makes an unexpected reappearance in her life and Natalie has to decide whether to treat this as some kind of sign or just a coincidence she needs to walk away from in order to not get hurt…

Laura Chapman's 'What Happens at Midnight' is a quick read with roughly 80 pages in print; a fast-paced story perfect to read around the start of a new year, because New Year's Eve plays quite a significant role in the novella. Natalie and Rob meet each other in the same bar during the final hours of December three years in a row; some might say it's fate, but Natalie isn't sure what to think. I really enjoyed reading Natalie's story. The novella consists of several short chapters in which we constantly jump to a different holiday/time period, which resulted in the story being fast-paced and interesting.

I was already familiar with author Laura Chapman when I picked up this novella and I'm glad to say I once again really enjoyed her writing. I think this novel would have also worked as a full-length novel, providing us with more background info and details on the different characters. But, of course, it's also great to have it as a fast read that can be finished in one or two sittings. On the whole, 'What Happens at Midnight' is a thoroughly enjoyable, fast-paced and fun read that works really well around New Year's Eve, but can also be read around any other time of the year!
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Thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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