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19 January 2017

January Release: 'White Lies and Wishes' by Cathy Bramley!

What happens when what you wish for is only half the story...?

Flirtatious, straight-talking Jo Gold says she’s got no time for love; she’s determined to save her family’s failing footwear business. 

New mother Sarah Hudson has cut short her maternity leave to return to work. She says she’ll do whatever it takes to make partner at the accountancy firm. 

Bored, over-eating housewife Carrie Radley says she just wants to shift the pounds – she’d love to finally wear a bikini in public. 

The unlikely trio meet by chance one winter’s day, and in a moment of ‘Carpe Diem’ madness, embark on a mission to make their wishes come true by September. 

Easy. At least it would be, if they hadn’t been just the teensiest bit stingy with the truth…

With hidden issues, hidden talents, and hidden demons to overcome, new friends Jo, Carrie and Sarah must admit to what they really, really want, if they are ever to get their happy endings.

Oh, I absolutely love the fact that 2017 is kicking off in such a fantastic way when it comes to the January book releases. I absolutely love Cathy Bramley and I'm SO excited that this very first month of the year brings a completely new novel written by her! 'White Lies and Wishes' promises to be a lovely chick lit read and I really can't wait to dive into this story and learn more about Jo, Sarah and Carrie!

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