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25 April 2016

Review: 'Dear Dad' by Giselle Green (2016)

Three people longing to find love. Connected by one big lie. 

Handsome, 28-year old, Nate Hardman is a frontline reporter with a big problem. Suffering from shell-shock and unable to leave his house, he’s already lost his social life and his girlfriend. Now his career prospects are sinking fast. 

9 year-old Adam Boxley who lives alone with his ageing nan, also has big problems. Neglected at home and bullied at school, he’s desperate to reach out to his dad – and that’s when he sends his first letter to Nate. Only Nate’s not who he thinks he is. Will he help? More importantly – can he? 

Across town meanwhile, caring but impulsive teacher Jenna Tierney really wants to help Adam - except the feisty redhead has already had enough of teaching. Recently hurt by yet another cheating boyfriend, Jenna’s now set her sights on pursuing a dream career abroad ... only she’s about to meet Nate - her dream man who’ll make her re-think everything. 

The big question is; can three people desperate to find love, ever find happiness when they’re only connected by one big lie?

Since I started this book blog several years ago I've been approached by numerous authors, giving me the chance to read and review their work, which is still something I find quite amazing! In 2014 I was introduced to author Giselle Green's work when I was asked to review her novel 'Finding You' (click here to read my review). After that, I was definitely curious to check out more of Giselle's work, so I was excited when she contacted me about her latest book, 'Dear Dad.' The novel was released on March 31st by Yule Press and I was immediately intrigued by the description of the story. This promised to be quite a captivating women's fiction title and I couldn't wait to once again give some of Giselle's writing a chance!

Twenty-eight-year-old Nate Hardman used to love his job as a frontline reporter, but for quite some time now he has been suffering from panic attacks, resulting in him barely being able to leave his home by himself. After losing his girlfriend, friends, and now almost losing his job, Nate doesn't have much left. Until he receives a letter from nine-year-old Adam, who believes that Nate is his father. Adam is being bullied and has a difficult time at home taking care of his grandmother, so Nate feels he can't possibly just walk away, even though he is sure he is not Adam's real dad. Together with Adam's supply teacher, Jenna, Nate is determined to help the little boy. But the lies only seem to get bigger, and Nate doesn't dare to think what will happen if the truth comes out.

Giselle Green has done a great job with her latest novel 'Dear Dad' and I am really glad she gave me the chance to read and review it! The book has quite an original storyline, one I've personally never come across before, and this was something I straight away liked and that intrigued me. The book focuses on a man who is dealing with his own personal issues when he receives a letter from a small boy who believes he has found his real father. The story is told from two perspectives: Nate Hardman, the 'dad', and Jenna Tierney, who is the boy's supply teacher at school. Both Nate and Jenna had their own story to tell, next to the one revolving around the boy that brings them together, and this was something I really enjoyed, because there were a lot of elements to keep me interested and wanting to read on.

Giselle Green has a great writing style which is easy to read and includes enough attention to detail and dialogue. I have to admit I did feel as if the novel was a bit too long; it could have been a bit shorter and still just as strong, in my opinion. However, the book has strong in-depth characters and an original and interesting storyline and I'm really happy I was given the chance to discover this book! Overall, 'Dear Dad' is a heart-warming, touching and original read that I'd like to recommend to all women's fiction fans. A convincing and well-written read by author Giselle Green and I hope to be able to read more of her work in the future!
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Thanks to the author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. Hi Jody! Many thanks for this thoughtful and appreciative review - I'm really happy that you enjoyed DEAR DAD!x

  2. Sounds really good. I'm adding it to my list!