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4 December 2015

The Christmas Cracker Book Tag!

I had a look around the Internet for some fun Christmas-themed book tags and found the Christmas Cracker Book Tag on Stacey's blog 'Pretty Books'! I think book tags are always a lot of fun and a great way to learn a bit more about other bloggers, so if you feel like joining in with the fun, don't hesitate to copy this tag and please leave the link to your blog post in the comments section below! :) 

Pick a book with a wintry cover
I always love the covers for Karen Swan's wintry releases. They immediately make me long for beautiful winter settings with lots of snow!

Pick a book you’d likely buy as a present
I love giving book series as presents, or books which I just know someone else will love. It's difficult, though, buying books for someone else and knowing 100% sure they will enjoy it. I can only do this for my sister and my best friend and that's about it, I think!

Pick a festive themed book
One of my favourite Christmas novels is Lisa Dickenson's 'The Twelve Dates of Christmas.' It's incredibly funny and just an amazing read. If you're looking for your next festive read, then definitely pick this one up!

Pick a book you can curl up with by the fireplace
I love Jenny Hale's Christmas reads; they're the perfect heart-warming books to snuggle up with on the couch with a blanket and a cup of tea or hot chocolate.

Pick a book you want to read over the festive period
I always want to read books that will definitely make me feel good around the holidays; books that won't make me cry (perhaps just a tiny tear out of pure joy, but that's it!) and will just make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. This year I can't wait to pick up Amanda Prowse's 'The Christmas Cafe'; Amanda's novels are always fantastic reads and while they do occassionally make me cry, I just know I won't be disappointed by it.

Pick a book that’s so good it gives you chills
I hardly ever get chills when I read a book, to be honest. Think I would have to go with the Harry Potter series for this one, it's the only book I can think of right now that actually managed to give me chills!

Pick a book going on your Christmas wishlist
A book on my Christmas list is Cecelia Ahern's 'The Marble Collector'. I'm a big Cecelia Ahern fan and I can't wait to read her newest release. However, I also wouldn't say no to this amazingly pretty collection of Jane Austen's novels! <3

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