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18 October 2015

Review: 'The Very British Rules of Dating' by Lady Lara Asprey (2015)

How to find and keep your perfect gentleman (and yes, he does exist!)

The Very British Rules of Dating takes a refreshing and light-hearted approach at how to date the perfect British gentleman (and getting him to do all the wooing!). It explores the answers to ever-so-common questions such as:

 - Where are all the quality men hiding? Why do they never approach me?
 - Why do men only seem to ‘flirt’ after a bit of Dutch courage?
 - How do I know where I stand when he never says what he means?
 - How do I know when we’re an official item? He hasn’t said anything.
 - Why is he acting strange? He suddenly just stopped messaging me!

Looking at every aspect of both traditional and modern dating, including advice for online dating, apps and texting, this book will become the go-to guide for your dating life! It will help you navigate your way through the minefield that is dating in the UK to find the ambitious and charming gentleman of your dreams, who exudes that world-famous British charm and will sweep you off your feet (or very nearly).

The review I am sharing with all of you today is quite a special one for me personally, because it is the first review I've ever done for a non-fiction title! Publisher So Vain Books released Lady Lara Asprey's 'The Very British Rules of Dating' earlier this year and when I saw the cover appear on NetGalley, I was quite intrigued. I love almost anything British and I've always been curious to check out self-help books like this one; books filled with advice on how to tackle certain aspects of real life. So, forgetting for a minute that I already have a lovely boyfriend, I sat down with the book, ready to pick up some great dating advice!

As a book 'The Very British Rules of Dating' already quite clearly shows us what it will be all about with just its title; the world of dating, and then particularly the British world of dating. While some might think dating can't be that different in the UK, think again, because Lady Lara Asprey is quick to explain how British men really are a species of their own that come with their own set of rules and expectations. Dealing with topics such as the background to British dating, the modern British gentleman, first dates, and how to hold onto a good man, the book covers all aspects of British dating and how to be successful at it.

I have to be honest and say I am not familiar at all with non-fiction books about topics such as dating, or self-help books in general. Therefore, I can't compare this book to others of the same genre; yet, I think Lady Lara Asprey has written an entertaining account of one side of the British world of dating, and I thought it was a fun read. I really liked how the novel focuses on the British man as a unique species and tries to provide the reader with tips to start a successful relationship with one. The author does this in a playful and fun way and deals with all kinds of topics related to the main subject.

The writing style of the book is well-paced and easy to get through, but I did think it was a bit dry at times and I would have liked it if the book had had more examples of do's and don'ts. I had a bit of trouble finishing the book, because I was missing a captivating storyline, something to keep me reading. Maybe it's because I'm just more a fiction kind of person, or because I have been in a happy relationship for quite a while now and am not a part of the dating scene, but I found it difficult to really enjoy this book. That being said, though, I do think a lot of people will be able to get something out of this book and Lady Lara Asprey has written an entertaining and helpful addition to the collection of dating books that's already out there.
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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