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1 October 2015

October 2015 releases! (Part 1)

It seems like Fall really has arrived, which means a lot of rainy and colder days, which means we will need some good reads to keep us warm and occupied! Luckily, I don't even know where to start with next month's releases, because October is going to be one amazing month when it comes to books! It's unbelieveable how many wonderful authors are releasing new novels in the upcoming couple of weeks, and we also have some great Christmas releases to look forward to. Be sure to check out today's and tomorrow's blog post and make a note of the reads you don't want to miss! 

Which releases are you excited about? I'd love to hear from you! If you'd like me to include your book release in this list, feel free to contact me via e-mail or Twitter! :)
Mandy Baggot - 'One Wish in Manhattan' (2 October)

The temperature is dropping, snow is on its way and Hayley Walker is heading for New York with one wish on her mind…to start over. 

With her nine year-old daughter Angel, Hayley is ready for an adventure. From hot chocolates and horse-drawn carriage rides in Central Park, to ice-skating at the Rockefeller Centre, and Christmas shopping on 5th Avenue – they soon fall in love with the city that never sleeps. 

But there’s more to New York than the bright twinkly lights and breathtaking skyscrapers. Angel has a Christmas wish of her own – to find her real dad. 

While Hayley tries to fufil her daughter’s wish, she crosses paths with Billionaire Oliver Drummond. Restless and bored with fast living, there’s something intriguing about him that has Hayley hooked. 

Determined to make her daughter’s dream come true, can Hayley dare to think her own dreams might turn into reality – could A New York Christmas turn into a New York Forever? 

Why so excited? --> I really enjoyed Mandy Baggot's previous release 'Truly, Madly, Greekly' and am really excited to see she is treating us to a festive Christmas novel next! I love the cover of 'One Wish in Manhattan' and just know I'll enjoy this! / / Goodreads

Anna Mitchael and Michelle Sassa - 'Copygirl' (6 October)

So. You want to work in advertising. The glitz, the glamour, the cocktail-fueled brainstorming sessions and Xbox breaks. Sounds like a dream job, right?

Wrong. The reality can be a nightmare. There are five simple rules for succeeding in the ad world—and I think I’ve already broken every single one…

1) Never let them see you cry. Even if your best friend breaks your heart. And posts it all over social media.

2) Be one of the boys. And, if you were born with the wrong equipment, flaunt what you've got to distract them while you get ahead.

3) Come up with the perfect pitch in an instant—or have your resumé ready to go at all times.

4) Trust no one. Seriously. If you don't watch your back, they'll steal your ideas, your pride, even your stapler.

5) Most importantly, don’t ever, under any circumstances, be a CopyGirl.

Trust me. I know…

Why so excited? --> This novel is described as a mix between 'Mad Men' and 'The Devil Wears Prada', which I really enjoyed, and I have to admit it has me quite intrigued! I have a good feeling 'Copygirl' will be a really entertaining read and I'm definitely adding it to my TBR-list. / / Goodreads

Lynn Marie Hulsman - 'A Miracle at Macy's' (8 October)

One lost dog. Two lonely hearts. A Manhattan Christmas full of magic.

Christmas actually is all around with this festive and hilarious rom com from Lynn Marie Hulsman, author of the bestselling Christmas at Thornton Hall and Summer at Castle Stone.

Why so excited? --> I've heard positive things about Lynn Marie Hulsman's novels and unfortunately I haven't had the chance myself to read one of her books. However, hopefully this will change in the next few weeks because I look forward to checking out 'A Miracle at Macy's', which looks like a really cute story! / / Goodreads

Lynsey James - 'The Broken Hearts Book Club' (12 October)

Secrets never stay buried for long...

Lucy Harper has always been good at one thing: running from her past. But when her beloved Nana Lily passes away she has no choice except to return to the one place in the world she most wants to avoid...

Luna Bay hasn't changed much in the eight years she has spent in London. The little Yorkshire village is still just as beautiful, but the new pub landlord is a gorgeous addition to the scenery!

Lucy only intended to stay for a day, yet when she discovers that Nana Lily has not only left her a cottage but also 'The Broken Hearts Book Club', Lucy is intrigued. Her Nana never have mentioned the club and Lucy can't wait to get started, but walking into her first meeting she is more aware than ever that her past is finally catching up with her.

One way or another, Lucy must finally face the secrets she's kept buried for so long - or spend the rest of her life on the run... 

Why so excited? --> I just love the title of Lynsey James' new novel; 'The Broken Hearts Book Club' already sounds like such a promising read and the cover is simply stunning. Enough reasons to want to read this beauty straight away! / / Goodreads

Elin Hilderbrand - 'Winter Stroll' (13 October)

Christmas on Nantucket finds Winter Street Inn owner Kelley Quinn and his family busily preparing for the holiday season. Though the year has brought tragedy, the Quinns have much to celebrate: Kelley has reunited with his first wife Margaret, Kevin and Isabelle have a new baby; and Ava is finally dating a nice guy. 

But when Kelley's estranged wife Mitzi shows up on the island, along with Kevin's devious ex-wife Norah and a dangerously irresistible old fling of Ava's, the Inn is suddenly overrun with romantic feuds, not to mention guests. With jealousy, passion, and eggnog consumption at an all-time high, it's going to take a whole lot more than a Christmas miracle to get the Quinns--and the Inn--through the holidays intact. 

Why so excited? --> 'Winter Stroll' is the sequel to Elin Hilderbrand's best-selling novel 'Winter Street' and there's nothing like snuggling up with a blanket and a winter-themed novel, if you ask me! I haven't read any of Elin Hilderbrand's novels, but I have a good feeling this one won't disappoint. / / Goodreads

Catherine Ferguson - 'Mistletoe and Mayhem' (15 October)

No description yet available!

Why so excited? --> I got the chance to read Catherine Ferguson's Christmas-themed novel 'Humbugs and Heartstrings' last year and really enjoyed it. This year, she is once again releasing a festive novel which I look forward to picking up! / / Goodreads

Ella Harper - 'The Years of Loving You' (15 October)

What if your first love was your only love?

When Molly is diagnosed with a life changing illness, it feels like her whole world has come crashing down. She hopes the news will make her marriage to Sam stronger. But why does Molly always call best friend Ed in a crisis?

Ed. The very same Ed that Molly fell in love with at a party when they were teenagers, underneath a star-filled sky. Then life took them in very different directions. They could only ever be friends.

Suddenly Molly starts to question every decision she’s ever made. What if they could turn back the clock? Back to the very beginning. When the only certainty they shared was each other …

Why so excited? --> I was so touched by Ella Harper's previous release and I have a good feeling 'The Years of Loving You' will make me shed a tear or two as well! It promises to be a lovely emotional read, so be sure to have a box of tissues ready when you decide to pick this one up! / / Goodreads

Carmel Harrington - 'Every Time a Bell Rings' (15 October)

Belle has taken all the Christmas decorations down. This year they won’t be celebrating.

As foster parents, Belle and Jim have given many children the chance of a happier start in life. They’ve loved them as if they were their own. They shouldn’t have favourites but little Lauren has touched their hearts. And now her mother is well enough to take her back and Belle can’t bear the loss.

Hence, Christmas is cancelled.

So when Jim crashes his car one icy December night, after an argument about Lauren, Belle can only blame herself. Everything she loves is lost. And Belle finds herself standing on The Ha’Penny Bridge wishing she had never been born.

But what happens to a Christmas wish when an angel is listening…

Will Belle realise, before it’s too late, that her life is the most wonderful life of all?

Why so excited? --> I've seen so many incredibly positive responses from readers and bloggers to Carmel Harrington's writing, so I have already added this festive novel to my TBR-list. It's based on the popular Christmas film 'It's a Wonderful Life' and I am pretty sure this story will be just as wonderful! / / Goodreads

Jenny Hale - 'Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses' (16 October)

Single mother Abbey Fuller loves her family more than anything, and doesn’t regret for a moment having had to put her dreams of being an interior designer on hold. But with her son, Max, growing up, when a friend recommends her for a small design job she jumps at the chance. How hard can it be? 

Nick Sinclair needs his house decorated in time for his family’s festive visit – and money is no object. What he doesn’t need is to be distracted from his multi-million dollar business – even if it is Christmas. 

When Abbey pulls up to the huge Sinclair mansion, she has a feeling she might be out of her depth. And when she meets the gorgeous, brooding Nicholas Sinclair, she knows that she’s in real trouble… 

With the snow falling all around, can Abbey take the chance to make her dreams of being a designer come true? And can she help Nick to finally enjoy the magic of Christmas?

Why so excited? --> I have only love for Jenny Hale! She's an amazing author and her Christmas novels have become kind of a yearly tradition for me. If there's a story that will get me into a festive mood, it's a Jenny Hale one, so I can't wait to pick up 'Christmas Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses'! / / Goodreads

Sarah Morgan - 'Christmas Ever After' (22 October)

Skylar Tempest has never understood Alec Hunter’s appeal. So what if he’s a world-renowned historian? He’s also cynical, aloof and determined to think the worst of her. So when a twist of fate finds her spending the lead-up to Christmas with Alec and his family, she’s not expecting the season to be either merry or bright.

Alec has learned the hard way not to trust beautiful women—and Skylar is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. But as he watches her throw herself into his family’s festive chaos, Alec realises there is far more to this blonde bombshell than meets the eye.

With Christmas around the corner, Alec and Skylar return to Puffin Island, a tentative bond forged between them. Neither intends to fall in love but as the nights become darker, and the fire between them grows hotter, could this be the chance for Alec and Skylar to find their own happy ending?

Why so excited? --> 'Christmas Ever After' is the third part of Sarah Morgan's Puffin Island series and I can't wait for its release! I was lucky enough to receive a review copy of the second part of the series, 'Some Kind of Wonderful', earlier this year and absolutely loved it, so I have high hopes for this one! / / Goodreads

Lisa Dickenson - 'The Twelve Dates of Christmas' (22 October)

At thirty, Claudia's life is stale and the romance with long-term boyfriend, Seth, has disappeared. Determined to inject some festive spark back into their love life, Claudia and Seth go on their first date in a very long time. But when the night ends in disaster, Claudia suddenly finds herself facing life - and Christmas - alone.

Life alone is exciting, scary and full of soon-forgotten exercise regimes and ill-advised attempts at crafting sexy underwear. It's also filling up with dates, surprisingly. With best friends Penny and Nick at her side, a surplus of festive markets, mulled wine and Christmas tunes, Claudia attempts to face all this change with gusto. One thing's for certain: this year, Christmas is going to be very different . . .

Why so excited? --> YES YES YES! If there is one October 2015 or Christmas release you simply must read/buy/get your hands on, it is Lisa Dickenson's 'The Twelve Dates of Christmas.' The book has already been released as an e-book series and it's so funny, romantic and just amazing. A must-read!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more October 2015 releases!

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