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5 October 2015

Blog Tour: 'Love You Better' by Natalie K. Martin

After a soul-destroying breakup with her ex, Smith, Effie Abbott has met the man of her dreams. She’s had the whirlwind romance and the fairy-tale wedding to the charming and suave Oliver Barton-Cole, and life seems firmly back on track.

Things were never simple between Smith and Effie, so when he forces his way back into her life, Effie knows he’s a complication she doesn’t want or need. After all, she has Oliver, a man who loves her better than Smith ever did.

But when cracks in her marriage begin to emerge and Oliver shows flashes of a darker side, Effie has to question just how well she really knows her husband, and whether Smith is back to derail her seemingly perfect marriage or save her from it.

A few weeks ago I was contacted regarding the release of Natalie K. Martin’s newest novel ‘Love You Better’, which was released by Lake Union Publishing on October 1st. I am really quite excited to be part of the blog tour for this book, because I was straight away intrigued by the lovely purple cover and the description of the story. It sounded like a captivating women’s fiction read and I jumped at the chance to be a part of the blog tour for the novel! Not only do I have my own review of the book to share with all of you today, but I also have an exclusive extract from the novel which you can find by scrolling down; trust me, it’s worth it!

After a sudden and heart-breaking split from her now ex-boyfriend Smith, Effie Abbott certainly never thought she'd fall for someone else so quickly. Yet, Oliver Barton-Cole almost seems to be the perfect guy: he's handsome, classy and is head over heels in love with her. So, when he asks her to marry him after just a few months of being together, Effie says yes. After a fairytale wedding, Effie can't wait to start her new life together with Oliver. However, it doesn't take long before small cracks start to appear in their marriage. And when her ex Smith unexpectedly makes a reappearance in her life, Effie is suddenly forced to make some decisions that will change her future forever.

I ended up really enjoying this novel, even more than I originally expected! 'Love You Better' has several of the elements to make a great read, such as a captivating storyline, interesting and well-rounded characters, a good touch of romance, and a well-paced and easy-to-enjoy writing style. This is author Natalie K. Martin's second novel (her debut 'Together Apart' was a #1 bestseller on the Amazon charts) and it has made me quite excited to see what else she has in store for us in the future. The book is approximately 350 pages long which was a good length, and while the story did slow down a bit about 75% in, it managed to keep my attention until the very end and I was quite sad to have to let the characters go!

Main character Effie intrigued me with her different layers; it appeared from the start that she was determined to want a specific something in her life, but as the story progressed she started to have more and more doubts. I also think she's quite relatable; aren't we all looking for that perfect person to spend our lives with, and isn't it always a jump in the unknown, trusting someone with your heart? The book also includes a wonderful cast of secondary characters, including Smith, Oliver, Effie's mother Penny, and Effie's best friends Lou and Mickey. Overall, I thought 'Love You Better' was a great and well-written read that captivated me from start to finish; I think Natalie K. Martin is An author to look out for and I already look forward to picking up her next read!
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

Exclusive sample from 'Love You Better'!

Ten minutes later, having made it to the other end of the hall, Effie stepped outside. It was like an obstacle course, being stopped at every turn to receive a hug or boozy cry of congratulations. It had been a perfect day, and she tilted her head up to the obsidian sky, taking in a gulp of the cool, bonfire-scented air. Guy Fawkes’s night was one of her favourite holidays – second only to Christmas. Choosing the fifth of November as their wedding day couldn’t have been any more romantic. The moon shimmered over the River Thames at the far end of the gardens and over on the south side of London, the red sparkles of a firework sprang out in the sky.

She walked down the steps and onto the perfectly manicured grass, her heels sinking into the soft ground. She wriggled her toes in her ridiculously high Saint Laurent shoes. She practically lived in trainers, and her feet were aching from being in heels all day. How did Lou do it? And where was she anyway? Effie scanned the gardens, but there was no sign of her. It had taken so long for her to get outside that Lou had probably already been and gone. Grateful for a few minutes alone, she lifted the hem of her dress and slipped her feet out of her shoes, almost purring as she closed her eyes, letting the cold grass send relief to her feet.

‘Looks like congratulations are in order.’

The deep voice cut right through to Effie’s core, and she impulsively shivered at the sound of it. She’d recognise it anywhere, but she kept her eyes firmly shut. There was no way it was him – it simply wasn’t possible. Maybe she was hallucinating. Or maybe she was drunk.

You’ve had six glasses of champagne over the course of the whole
day, and you’re as sober as a judge.

It was true. Despite her glass never being empty, the alcohol had taken no effect on her whatsoever, which meant that it really was him standing so close she could practically hear him breathing. She swallowed and opened her eyes. Slowly, she tracked her gaze up from the black Converse on his feet, over his trouser-covered legs and his close-fitted, sky-blue shirt. Her heart skipped as she looked at the tattoos etched into his arms, exposed by his rolled-up shirtsleeves, the cold air apparently having no effect on him at all. The breath was knocked out of her when she looked past his coat of stubble and up into the pair of grey eyes staring back at her.


‘Lace always did suit you.’

He looked her up and down, his eyes trailing a blaze over the intricate dress hugging her body, and then stuffed his hands in his pockets. The only lace he’d ever seen her in before had always been hidden under her clothes. It was all she could do not to run away. Or reach out and touch him – she wasn’t sure which. She gripped her tiny clutch bag, just in case.

‘What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be on the other side of the world.’
He looked out at the river and shrugged. ‘Money ran out.’

She’d forgotten what a great profile he had, with his beautifully straight nose and strong jaw. His top shirt button was undone, and she looked at the strand of brown leather around his neck, tapering off to hold a horn-shaped pendant. She looked back at the doors she’d just come through and prayed nobody would come outside. She didn’t want anyone to see him standing there. In fact, she wanted him to disappear altogether, like he had five months ago, because now that he was standing in front of her, her stomach was fluttering and her pulse was racing, the way it always had with him – the way it hadn’t for a long time. Before, it would have been a pleasurable feeling, but now all she felt was sick. His leaving had made her life a whole lot easier and happier, and she didn’t need him to come back and wreck it all over again.

‘So, who’s the lucky guy?’

Why did the sound of his voice make her skin bloom with goosebumps? She rubbed her arms, demanding they go away, and squared her shoulders as she jutted out her chin.

‘Why does it matter?’

He smirked, and she had to restrain herself from wiping it off his face. ‘The old crowd in there?’ 


‘Mixing with Hoorah Henries . . . I guess things really have changed.’

Effie sighed with irritation and shook her head. Oliver wasn’t a Hoorah Henry, and Smith had no right to call him that.

‘You don’t look pleased to see me.’

‘That’s because I’m not. You attract trouble like shit attracts flies.’

‘Ouch. What, are you worried I’ll screw up your happy day?’

‘Why else would you be here? You always screw things up.’

He shrugged. ‘I was curious. I wanted to see what was so great about whoever he is that had you skipping up the aisle so quickly.’

She scowled. ‘It wasn’t that quick.’

He raised his eyebrows. ‘Less than a month after I leave, I hear you’ve got with someone else, and now you’re married. Hardly taking your time, is it?’

‘So? Why do you care? What do you want me to say? That I’m sorry?’

‘Only if you mean it.’

She studied the trees behind him, lit up with fairy lights, fighting to keep her breath steady as anger pulsed through her. She’d been euphoric all day, but just a few moments with Smith were enough to bring it all crashing down. Causing problems was one of the few things Smith could be counted on for, and she didn’t need it. She’d had enough to last her a lifetime. It was her wedding
day, and they were surrounded by influential, respectable people. Thanks to Oliver, she was one of them now. She wasn’t sorry for the turn her life had taken. She finally had everything she had ever
wanted, and she wasn’t about to let Smith ruin it all.

‘You mean like you apologised for all the stuff you did? It’s funny, because I don’t remember you ever saying sorry for shagging around behind my back.’

‘Come on, Eff – it wasn’t as simple as that.’

‘Do you know what, Smith? I don’t care anymore. Really, I don’t. And if you’re seriously waiting to hear me say sorry for moving on, then I suggest you go and hold your breath.’

She bent down to pick her shoes up and stalked away from him. Why was he here, ruining everything? Her life was so much simpler now. It was easy, stable and reliable, and she could trust Oliver in a way she never could Smith. She never had to analyse with Oliver. She always knew where she stood, without question. Smith, on the other hand, was a walking enigma, and she’d failed to solve it.

‘I hope it’s worth it,’ he called after her.

‘It is,’ Effie replied without turning back. ‘He is.’

‘Well then, I wish you nothing but happiness.’ His voice dripped with sarcasm, and she stopped, gripping the shoes in her hand. She turned and walked back over to him.

‘Why did you really come back?’

His excuse about money was balls. Travelling was one of the things he always used to talk about, and a year around the world was his dream come true. It had come about after a dire chain of events, but even still, he’d used the money left to him by his grandpa, and there was no way he could’ve spent twenty grand already.

He stared back at her with his grey eyes. ‘I had to see if it was true.’

‘If what was true?’

‘You. Getting married to someone you barely even know, for no good reason.’
Behind him, Lou came through the doors, holding two glasses of champagne, and her jaw dropped, her mouth forming a perfect O when she saw the two of them standing inches apart. Effie looked over Smith’s shoulder at her as Lou discreetly jerked her head to one side, and Oliver followed her through the doors. 

Oliver smiled when he saw her. ‘There you are.’

Effie froze with panic at the sound of Oliver’s voice, and Lou scarpered, closing the door behind her in a vain attempt to protect the wedding guests from the impending drama about to be
unleashed outside.

‘I thought you might need this – it’s cold out here,’ Oliver said, holding the faux fur shrug to match her dress. He looked at Smith, and Effie opened her mouth. Why weren’t the words coming out to explain who Smith was?

‘I’m Smith.’ He outstretched a hand, breaking the silence. ‘I take it you’re the husband.’

‘Guilty as charged. Oliver Barton-Cole.’ Oliver laughed, his perfectly pronounced words sounding woefully out of place as he shook Smith’s hand.

She looked at the two of them. Oliver stood a couple of inches taller than Smith, and in his smart tux, he looked devastatingly handsome and every bit the charming, thirty-year-old man with the world at his feet. Smith’s naturally rugged edge stripped away any kind of respectability the suit should have given him and left him looking like the brooding, dangerous kind of guy that any woman

in her right mind would do her best to avoid. Effie couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Smith looked from Effie to Oliver and back again. ‘I’d better leave you to it.’
‘You’re not staying?’ Oliver asked, and Smith shook his head.

‘Nah, I’ve got places to be. I just wanted to give my congrats.’ He looked at Effie and nodded. ‘Nice seeing you again, Eff.’

She looked away from him as he left. It hadn’t been nice seeing him – it was the complete opposite in fact. It had made her head fight for control over the natural impulses of her body, the impulses that Smith had always elicited in her.
Oliver put the shrug around her shoulders, and her body sighed under its warmth. After Smith’s unexpected appearance, the shrug was almost as comforting as Oliver’s reassuring presence.

‘Who was that?’ Oliver asked, stroking the back of her neck as he watched Smith leave.

‘Smith. He used to hang out with us.’

‘Did we invite him?’

She shook her head, trembling. ‘Definitely not. He’s nothing but trouble.’

‘Speaking of trouble, if I don’t get you out of this dress soon, I’m going to end up getting arrested for harassment.’

He nuzzled her neck, but all Effie could think about were the grey eyes that had stared back at her and rocked her world.

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