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26 June 2016

Upcoming Release: 'The Plumberry School of Comfort Food' by Cathy Bramley

Verity Bloom hasn't been interested in cooking anything more complicated than the perfect fish finger sandwich, ever since she lost her best friend and baking companion two years ago.

But an opportunity to help a friend lands her right back in the heart of the kitchen. The Plumberry School of Comfort Food is due to open in a few weeks' time and needs the kind of great ideas that only Verity could cook up. And with new friendships bubbling and a sprinkling of romance in the mix, Verity finally begins to feel like she's home.

But when tragedy strikes at the very heart of the cookery school, can Verity find the magic ingredient for Plumberry while still writing her own recipe for happiness?

I've got only love for Cathy Bramley and her simply amazing novels! <3 I've had the pleasure of reading 'Ivy Lane', 'Appleby Farm' and 'Wickham Hall', and on the 30th of June Cathy's next full-length novel 'The Plumberry School of Comfort Food' will hit the shelves, which is definitely something worth getting excited about! I've had the pleasure of reading the first part of Cathy's new novel, which was already published in 4 separate e-books, and I really enjoyed it (click here to read my review). I can't wait to read the full-length novel this summer and look forward to finally holding a paperback copy of the book in my hands! / / Goodreads

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