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29 June 2016

Review: 'Summer at Oyster Bay' by Jenny Hale (2016)

They say falling in love is easy. But what if you know it’ll break your heart?

For Emily Tate, returning to her charming childhood home Oyster Bay is like coming up for air after the fast pace of her city life. At the farm her grandfather built, surrounded by sister Rachel’s chatter, Gram’s buttermilk biscuits, and the soft, white sand, Emily is reminded of exactly who she is and what she holds most dear.

When Emily starts work at elegant Water’s Edge Inn, Charles Peterson, the handsome new owner, asks for her help. He wants to expand and needs Emily to teach him the local ways, so he can convince the planning commission. Emily vows to make him fall in love with her hometown, just the way it is.

At work, Charles is reserved and serious, yet once Emily has him kicking off his shoes in the sand and sailing across the glistening Chesapeake Bay, she sees another side to him, and their easy rapport feels like the start of something big.

But when it becomes clear Charles’s plans for the inn involve bulldozing Oyster Bay, Emily is heartbroken. Will she lose her home and Charles all at once, or can she save Oyster Bay, and give true love a chance?

Summer wouldn't be summer without an uplifting summer beach read by Jenny Hale! Over the past few years, since her first release with publisher Bookouture, Jenny Hale has become one of the authors whose novels I look out for and just know I will enjoy. I've read all of her fantastic Christmas novels, such as 'Coming Home for Christmas' and 'A Christmas to Remember', and her books 'Love Me for Me' and 'Summer by the Sea' (click here to read my review). With Jenny's novels I always know what to expect, which is a light-hearted and warm romance novel, and so far she hasn't disappointed me. I really looked forward to checking out her newest release, 'Summer at Oyster Bay', and learning more about main characters Emily and Charles!

After turning down her boyfriend's proposal, Emily Tate decides it is time for her to leave behind her busy city life and go back to her small town roots, namely the family home Oyster Bay. It not only provides Emily with the chance to start over, but also makes it possible for her to spend more time with her sister Rachel and her grandmother. When she starts her new job at the local Water's Edge Inn, she meets handsome new owner Charles Peterson. Charles quickly discovers how much Emily loves the area and asks her to show him around. But it doesn't take long for Emily to discover Charles has plans for a big expansion, which includes the demolishing of her beloved Oyster Bay. Emily is willing to do whatever it takes to save her childhood home, the question is: what will she have to give up on along the way?

If you're looking for a lovely and light-hearted summer read that's perfect for a day at the beach, in the park or just a comfy chair at home, don't hesitate to pick up 'Summer at Oyster Bay.' Jenny Hale has once again delivered a wonderful romance story which I'm sure many readers will enjoy just as much as I did. The book has that small American town feeling, which I personally really love, and focuses on the importance of family and childhood memories. Emily has a lot of fond memories starring Oyster Bay, their family home, and when the house is in danger of being demolished, she's willing to give it everything she's got to save it. I could easily relate to Emily, because I found myself in a similar situation with my own grandparents' home in the south of Wales (UK), where I spent many happy summers as a young girl.

While Jenny Hale is great at setting the scene and creating the feeling of family, which is always present in her novels, I did slightly miss the sparks between Emily and Charles. I really enjoyed the story and the separate elements of the plotline, including Emily's worries about Oyster Bay, Rachel's own issues within her family, and the romantic link between Emily and Charles, but I didn't feel it as much as I would have liked to. However, this didn't make the read any less enjoyable and I am happy to add another great novel by Jenny Hale to my Bookouture Love list! Overall, 'Summer at Oyster Bay' is a warm and light-hearted summer romance about family and letting go; a read I'm sure many women's fiction/romance fans will definitely enjoy!
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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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