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16 January 2016

Review: 'No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs' by Tracy Bloom (2015)

Ben is still desperately trying to forget that Katy had a one-night stand just before she announced she was pregnant. Nine months later a new baby explodes into their lives creating utter chaos.

As a lack of sleep, a lack of trust and a lack of…sex! wreaks havoc upon their lives, it seems like there is no returning to the way they were. That is until Ben comes up with the answer to get them back on track. A role swap!

But being a stay-at-home dad isn’t as simple as it seems, in fact it’s a disaster. Help comes when Ben least expects it and arrives, in the most unlikely form, of the wife of Katy’s ex-lover. Should Ben tell Katy about his secret rescuer or is it his turn to keep a secret…? Can any relationship survive NO SEX, endless lies and conversations about nappy rash?

Last year I got the chance to read and review Tracy Bloom's novel 'No-one Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday'; a hilarious book which I really enjoyed (click here to read my review). Since then I've seen Tracy Bloom's name on several other book covers and while I have all her books on my bookshelf, waiting for me to pick them up, I never actually got to reading another one of her novels. Until now, that is! I managed to get a review copy of 'No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs', the sequel to her first novel, which was released in June 2015. It moved to the back of my TBR-list for a while, but at the start of this year I decided to pull it out and finally sit down with it. I needed a funny and enjoyable chick lit read to get me out of that horrible January blues and I had a feeling Tracy Bloom would be able to do the trick...

After a slightly bumpy start (involving a not so well-timed one-night-stand), Ben and Katy are still together as a couple, with the recent addition of their beautiful daughter Millie. While both Ben and Katy are determined to make their new family-of-three work, the lack of sleep and sex is demanding quite a lot of both of them. In order to make things a bit easier on them, Ben suggests switching around their roles: Katy can go back to work, especially since she earns a lot more than Ben does, and Ben will be the stay-at-home dad. What looks like a great plan, however, also turns out to have its problems, and before Ben knows it, he is keeping secrets from Katy and wondering how they managed to get in this situation in the first place...

Somehow I managed to forget how funny Tracy Bloom is and how amazing her books are and I'm so glad I had 'No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs' waiting for me to once again remind me of this! This novel is the sequel to 'No-One Ever Has Sex on a Tuesday', and while the book can be read as a stand-alone, I think it works best if you read both of them, so you know the characters and their backgrounds just that bit better. I was so happy to be reunited with Katy and Ben, now with the addition of their cute baby daughter Millie, and once again see Alison, Matthew and Braindead (yes, that really is his name). They are such a great and different bunch of people and I honestly couldn't get enough of them; their conversations and their storylines had me thoroughly entertained until the very last page.

I am not a mum myself but I think Tracy Bloom has done a great job capturing what it can be like to be new parents and be thrown into the deep, not knowing what you're doing. Tracy's writing is fantastic; she has a great sense of humour and I just love her fast-paced, witty, light style of writing. The book is a great romantic comedy that is not deep or complicated, and perfect to pick up when you just want a quick break from reality. I already can't wait for my next Tracy Bloom read, which I have a good feeling will be just as great. 'No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs' is a great read for fans of authors such as Lindsey Kelk and Lisa Dickenson; a hilarious, entertaining and light-hearted chick lit read I can't recommend enough!

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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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