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3 October 2014

Weekly Feature: Once Upon a Story...

 'Once Upon a Story' is a weekly feature in which we go back in time and focus  on a specific novel that was released in the same month we're in right now (in this case May), but a few years back! It can be a women's fiction classic from the 1990's or perhaps a great chick lit read from 2011. I thought it would be nice to not just focus on recent releases, but also take the chance to jump back in time once a week and look back at wonderful reads that have been released over the years!

This week, we're travelling back to October 2007 to look back at...

Sarah Roberts used to be good. Then she did something bad. Very bad.
Now, years later, she's living a good life. She works as a local newspaper reporter and lives with her saintly boyfriend Jonathan. She has no reason to think her guilty past will ever catch up with her. Until Nick walks back into her life. And suddenly, what's good and bad aren't so clear to Sarah any more.
I honestly don't know why, but somehow I've never read a Linda Green novel before. I remember I used to love the covers of her books (still do) and I also have a few of them on my book shelves, but never actually got around to reading one of her books. Linda Green's latest release 'The Marriage Mender' made me look at a list of the books she has written over the years and I noticed this lovely cover from October 2007! 'I Did a Bad Thing' sounds like a thoroughly enjoyable and fun chick lit novel, perfect to place the spotlight on for this week's 'Once Upon a Story.' And I am hereby promising I will pick up a Linda Green novel within the next couple of months, because I have a feeling I am definitely missing out on something good!

Be sure to visit the blog next week for another blast from chick lit past with 'Once Upon a Story...'!

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