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14 August 2014

Blog Tour: 'Pieces of You' by Ella Harper

Today I'm really excited to be part of the blog tour for Ella Harper's upcoming release 'Pieces of You'! The book sounds like a really intriguing and emotional read and I can't wait to pick up my own copy as soon as the paperback version will be released on the 25th of September. The e-book version is available from today; click here to order it now on Amazon!

Thirty-something Lucy and Luke Harte, have everything – jobs they love, a great home, lovely family and friends – except the one thing they want the most: a baby. After eight miscarriages and years of disappointment, their luck has finally turned. Lucy is nearly four months pregnant – the furthest she has ever got – and both she and Luke are ecstatic. But fate has another plan for Lucy and, on the day of their fifth wedding anniversary, Luke is involved in a horrific car accident.

As Luke lies in a coma, Lucy tries, with the support of her mother-in-law Patricia, best friend Dee and sister-in-law Nell, to hold everything together. But life for Lucy and the Harte family is about to change more than they could ever have imagined when Stella, a colleague of Luke’s, turns up at the hospital pregnant with his baby…

Pieces of You is the heart-wrenching debut novel from Ella Harper that tackles hard-hitting questions about the impact of unexplained fertility and IVF on relationships. 

Is it a women’s prerogative to want a baby at any price? How does unexplained infertility and IVF effect men? What are the consequences when a man’s once passionate relationship with their partner can feel like it has become about nothing more than being a sperm donor? These powerful topics are skilfully dealt with in Pieces Of You as Lucy Harte’s obsession with having a child starts tearing her relationship with her husband Luke apart but, tragically, she doesn’t realise it until it is too late.

I want to thank the publisher for providing me with an exclusive extract from the novel to share with all of you today!

‘What are we doing here, Harte?’
   If I sounded impatient, it was because I felt it. I’d been standing outside Luke’s hospital for about fifteen minutes and my toes were beginning to seize up. It was one of those crisp, frosty mornings where pavements and branches of trees looked as though demented elves had gone crazy sprinkling sugar all over them; pretty enough, but also bloody freezing.
   ‘Just hang on a bit longer,’ Luke frowned, checking his watch. ‘What time do you have?’
   ‘It’s nine fifteen and your mother is going to be cross if I’m late for work.’ I grabbed his wrist, pulling at the battered metal strap of his watch. ‘I know you love this thing, but seriously, it has terrible time-keeping issues.’
   ‘I know, I know. But it’s my dad’s…you know I can’t take it off. It’s the law.’ Luke straightened. ‘Ah, here’s the girl I’ve been waiting for.’

I personally can't wait to read the entire novel!

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