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11 March 2014

Top Ten Tuesday - Top Ten All Time Favourite Books in Chick Lit

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Lately I've seen some other book bloggers being quite enthusiastic about this weekly meme, so I decided to join in with the fun and try it out myself as well!
Top Ten All Time Favourite Books in Chick Lit
Today's Top Ten Tuesday had to be a top 10 of your all time favourite books within a particular genre. Well, the genre wasn't too difficult for me because I mainly read chick lit and I could probably make a top 100 of my favourite chick lit reads to share with all of you. It's quite a challenge to only pick 10 favourites, but I'll try my best! 

1. Emily Giffin - 'Something Borrowed' (2004)

I know this is a chick lit classic loved by numerous readers and it definitely had to be part of my list as well. I actually saw the film version starring Kate Hudson and Ginnifer Goodwin before I read the book, and I immediately fell in love with the story and the characters. The novel definitely didn't disappoint and since then I've been recommending it to others. Undoubtedly a must-read for any chick lit fan!

2. Sophie Kinsella - 'The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic' (2000)

I think a lot of people will automatically think of the immensely popular Shopaholic series when you ask them to name a chick lit novel. The first part of Sophie Kinsella's wonderful best-selling series, 'The Secret Dreamworld of a Shopaholic' introduces us to the funny and loveable Becky Bloomwood who has a serious shopping addiction which gets her into all kinds of trouble. A chick-lit classic!  

3. Cecelia Ahern - 'Where Rainbows End' (2004)

 Cecelia Ahern is one of my favourite authors; she really has her own amazingly captivating and magical writing style and I love all of her work. However, if I have to pick just one of her novels it has to be her second book, 'Where Rainbows End.' It tells the story of the continuously changing relationship between close friends Rosie and Alex, and all of this is done in the form of letters, e-mails and short messages. It's a great love story and I can't wait to see the film version of it which will be released later this year. 

4. Lisa Jewell - 'Vince and Joy' (2005)

When I was in my teens I started reading my first chick lit books and for a long time, Lisa Jewell's 'Vince and Joy' was my absolute favourite. The book tells the story of teenagers Vince and Joy who fall in love in the 1980s, but their relationship ends abruptly. Twenty years later, both of them are starting to wonder whether that long-ago romance might have been much more than just a teenage infatuation. The book still means a lot to me which is why it definitely has to be a part of this top 10!

5. Lindsey Kelk - 'I Heart New York' (2009)

Lindsey Kelk is one of the most popular and well-loved chick lit authors of the past few years and her 'I Heart... series' is one of the main reasons for that. The first part titled 'I Heart New York' introduces the reader to Angela Clark who decides to escape from her entire life in England, including her cheating boyfriend, and buys a one-way ticket to New York City. The book is incredibly funny and a feel-good read, and just the beginning of Angela's entertaining adventures which I personally can't get enough of!

6. Miranda Dickinson - 'When I Fall in Love' (2012)

Miranda Dickinson's stories never fail to make me smile (and shed a tear every now and again!) and it was quite tricky to pick just one of her novels for this list. In the end, I decided to go for 'When I Fall in Love' because it is a book that really made an impression on me and which I absolutely loved from the very first page. Elsie Maynard's story is an amazing one, and in my personal opinion one of Miranda's absolute best.

7. Lauren Weisberger - 'The Devil Wears Prada' (2003)

Another classic that deserves a place on this top 10! I actually hadn't heard about this book until I was asked to read and review it within three days because of the upcoming film release (starring Meryl Streep and Anne Hathaway). I ended up enjoying the book much more than I expected I would and it became one of my all-time favourites. Last year a sequel was released, 'Revenge Wears Prada', and I'm curious to see whether it lives up to the first part!

8. Alexandra Brown - 'Cupcakes at Carrington's' (2013)

The most recent release on this list and a book I can't recommend enough to chick lit fans. 'Cupcakes at Carrington's' tells the story of Georgie Hart (such a fabulous name!) who loves her job working at the luxury handbag concession at Carrington's department store in small town Mulberry-On-Sea. Not only is Carrington's a fabulous setting, but the book also includes a brilliant cast of characters including Georgie's GBF Eddie. A Christmas sequel was released at the end of last year and a third part will follow this summer; can't wait!

9. Meg Cabot - 'Size 12 Is Not Fat' (2005)

I used to devour every single Meg Cabot book when I was younger (I loved 'The Princess Diaries' series and continuously wished someone would come up and tell me I was actually also secretly a princess) and I'm still a big fan of her work, especially this particular series of which 'Size 12 Is Not Fat' is the first part. Heather Wells is a former popstar who now works as an assistant dorm director at one of New York's top colleges. When one of the students is found dead at the bottom of an elevator shaft, Heather decides to solve the mystery herself. This book is extremely funny and thoroughly enjoyable; Meg Cabot's writing is simply brilliant and I'm sure she will continue to be one of my favourite authors for years to come.  

10. Olivia Goldsmith - 'Wish Upon a Star' (2004)

Olivia Goldsmith is most well-known for her novel 'The First Wives Club.' However, it is one of her other books, 'Wish Upon a Star', that managed to capture my heart several years ago. This romantic comedy tells the story of secretary Claire, who desperately wishes her life could be as exciting as the books she reads. When she is offered an all-expenses-paid trip to London, she can't say 'yes' quickly enough, which is the start of a wonderful British adventure. One of the first chick lit books I read and which made me fall in love with the genre, which is why it needs to be a part of this list! 

If I've left out any of your favourite chick lit novels, please let me know! Or perhaps you would have gone for a different genre? I'd love to hear your thoughts! :)