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14 July 2015

Top Ten Tuesday: Last 10 Books That Came Into My Possession!

'Top Ten Tuesday' is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. I love making lists, so this feature fits me perfectly! If you also take part in this feature or have any additions to my lists, please get in touch; I'd love to hear from you!
Last 10 Books That Came Into My Possession

There's almost nothing better than receiving books! Review books through the mail, review e-books, books as presents, swapping books with friends, buying yourself books... This week's Top 10 Tuesday list focuses on the last 10 books that came into my possession. I love this idea; it's a great way to share some of your newest books with others and also get a sneak peek at what other readers have next on their TBR-lists!

1. 'Darcy's Story' - Janet Aylmer

Another Austen read to add to my collection! I actually got this as a complete surprise from my boyfriend the other day, which was a lovely present and I can't wait to read it! <3

2. 'Each & Every One' - Rachael English

Last year I was introduced to Rachael English's writing and I'm really excited to have received another one of her novels for review! 

3. 'The Very Thought of You' - Mary Fitzgerald

I'm a sucker for good war-time romance stories. I love the whole feel of those novels and Mary Fitzgerald is a great author of exactly those kind of books. I just received a new title which I haven't read before, so I'm already excited to pick it up!

4. 'The Square' - Rosie Millard

I got really excited when I first heard about Rosie Millard's newest novel 'The Square' and I was lucky enough to get a review copy. I have really high hopes for this one so hope the book will be able to match my expectations!

5. 'I Followed the Rules' - Joanna Bolouri

A few months ago I read and reviewed Joanna Bolouri's novel 'The List' and I absolutely loved it. Joanna Bolouri is a fantastic author and I honestly can't WAIT to read 'I Followed the Rules'!

6. 'If I Could Turn Back Time' - Beth Harbison

Beth Harbison's 'If I Could Turn Back Time' is one of the novels I've added to my summer holiday TBR-list. I think it will be a great read and I'm really excited to have received an e-book review copy.

7. 'The Girl's Guide to Getting Hitched' - Sophie Hart

I have only love for Sophie Hart and for publisher Bookouture. I already love everything about this book and I haven't even read the first letter yet. I just know it will be amazing, without a doubt.

8. 'The Sisters Club' - Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Another read for my summer holiday TBR-list. When I found this book on NetGalley I immediately liked the sound of it and I'm really happy the publisher accepted my review request. Really curious about this one!

9. 'No-One Ever Has Sex in the Suburbs' - Tracy Bloom

I really liked Tracy Bloom's 'No-One Ever Has Sex On a Tuesday' and of course I also need to read the sequel!

10. 'Those Secrets We Keep' - Emily Liebert

One of the releases of 2015 which I have been looking forward to the most and I'm SO excited to finally have my own copy of the book!


  1. I haven't read any of these, but a couple of them sound really interesting! More to add to the TBR pile!

  2. Darcy's Story sounds so fun! My favorite Austen spin off book is Death Comes to Pemberley. I think the author does a great job mixing Austen's world with a new mystery. Its also a great BBC miniseries.

    Check out my TTT:

  3. I haven't heard of most of these, but they all look so good! I'm especially intrigued by EACH & EVERY ONE. I love a good family secrets novel :)

    Happy TTT!