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13 July 2015

Review: 'Fairytale Beginnings' by Holly Martin (2015)

Love is an open door…except when it keeps slamming in your face.

Hopeless romantic Milly Rose has had her fair share of heartbreak. Obsessed with all things Disney, she refuses to give up on finding her Prince Charming – he’s out there somewhere, isn’t he?

When Milly is given a job to investigate the origins of an historical building in the village of Clovers Rest, she’s not sure what to expect. What she discovers takes her breath away - a beautiful real life Cinderella castle, complete with turrets, a magnificent drawbridge AND a very handsome owner…Cameron Heartstone.

As Milly and Cameron begin to unearth the secrets of Clover Castle, they can’t ignore the intense chemistry building between them. But they’ve both been hurt badly before. Can they take a big leap of faith and find their own happily-ever-after?

When I first found out about Holly Martin's latest release 'Fairytale Beginnings' (the book was released on the 10th of July) I immediately added the book to my 'to-read-as-soon-as-I-manage-to-get-a-copy-one-way-or-another'-list. Not just because of the absolutely amazingly gorgeous cover (I honestly LOVE it, there's nothing about it I don't like, nothing!), but mainly because of the book and publisher combination. Bookouture has been one of my favourite publishers for about a year now, mainly because I've really enjoyed all of their releases so far. Holly Martin is an author whom a lot of people on social media and book bloggers love, and I've been really looking forward to finally picking up one of her novels. Luckily, I managed to get a review copy of 'Fairytale Beginnings' really quickly (thanks so much, Bookouture!) and I really hoped the book would manage to match my pretty high expectations!

Milly Rose has always been a big Disney fan and a believer in true love and happy ever afters. Even though she has had her own fair share of heartbreaks, she's determined she will find her very own Prince Charming someday. For her job for Castle Heritage, an organisation that restores all kinds of historical buildings around the country, Milly is sent to Clover Castle in the little village of Clovers Rest to see whether Castle Heritage would be interested in restoring it. The castle's owner, Cameron Heartstone, is a best-selling author who inherited the building from a family member. The sparks between Milly and Cameron are almost impossible to ignore, but Milly knows she has to stay professional and can't get cosy with one of her clients. But when the crazy inhabitants of the village and old curses all start to point in the same direction, Milly starts to doubt... Could Cameron really be the one for her?

After having finally read one of Holly Martin's novels (an author I've heard so many positive things about from others), I understand why all chick lit fans have fallen in love with her works. With a title, cover, and description like this, the book could hardly disappoint me (a hopeless romantic from head to toe), and luckily it didn't. It wasn't difficult to warm to main character Milly; her positive and sparkly attitude immediately won me over (together with her love for anything Disney!). The book is almost like a modern-day fairytale with a handsome Prince Charming in the form of author Cameron Heartstone and the setting of the beautiful Clover Castle in the village of Clovers Rest with its slightly eccentric but fun inhabitants. I'd honestly like to move to the place straight away!

The story had something magical about it and I have to admit I always love a bit of magic. The book was quite fast-paced and I couldn't predict what was going to happen next. I really enjoyed Holly's writing style which is funny and captivating and perfectly suitable for the romantic comedy genre. I think Holly is a great new addition to the world of fiction and I really can't wait to read more of her works. 'Fairytale Beginnings' is a simply adorable read filled with a good doses of romance, laughter, and a sparkly touch of magic. Any hopeless romantics or readers looking for a thoroughly enjoyable chick lit read, definitely pick this one up!
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Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.


  1. This sounds absolutely adorable, I'm surprised I hadn't heard anything about it before! I also haven't heard of Bookouture but I'll definitely have to check them out. Thanks for sharing!
    The Paperback Princess

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by, Ryley! If you enjoy chick lit/great women's fiction, then definitely give Bookouture a try! :)