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14 June 2015

Upcoming release: 'Dream a Little Dream' by Giovanna Fletcher!

Sarah is doing just fine. Sure she's been single for the last five years, and has to spend an uncomfortable amount of time around her ex-boyfriend, his perfect new girlfriend and all their mutual friends. And yes, her job as a PA to one of the most disgusting men in London is mind-numbingly tedious and her career is a constant disappointment to her mother. But it's really okay. She's happy (ish).

But it's not surprising that when Sarah starts dreaming about a handsome stranger, she begins to look forward to falling asleep every night. Reality isn't nearly as exciting. That is until her dream-stranger makes an unexpected real-life appearance, leaving Sarah questioning everything she thought she wanted.

Because no one ever really finds the person of their dreams... do they?

On the 18th of June we will be treated to the lovely Giovanna Fletcher's third novel already! It seems like just yesterday when 'Billy and Me' (click here to read my review) was released and all chick lit fans fell in love with both Giovanna's characters and her writing style. The book was followed by 'You're the One That I Want' in 2014 (click here to read my review); another great read and I'm incredibly excited the release of Giovanna's third novel 'Dream a Little Dream' is slowly coming nearer and nearer! It promises to be another amazing read and I can't wait to get lost in Sarah's story!

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