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6 June 2015

Blog Tour: 'Country Affairs' by Zara Stoneley (+ giveaway)!


If you loved Stable Mates, follow-up book Country Affairs is going to gallop its way straight into your heart. Yes, Lottie and the other Tippermere residents are back to delight readers with their antics!

We're saddling up and going on a hunt for reviews, excerpts and some lucky giveaway winners, with Zara Stoneley and her Country Affairs blog tour...


Welcome back to Tippermere for the wedding of the year… Scatty but loveable Lottie Brinkley is famous throughout the village for her disorganised personality so when she steps up to plan the perfect wedding the only likely outcome is disaster. 

 When her globetrotting, love cheat of an ex, Todd, literally crashes the wedding on a not-so-noble steed, things definitely look set to take a turn for the scandalous. As rumours of why he’s back spread through the village quicker than the stable girl can drop her knickers, is Lottie's future with sexy eventer Rory Steel about to fall at the next fence? 

 With a wave of unexpected pregnancies, steamy shenanigans in the hay and a farrier with more than shoeing horses on his mind, will Lottie ever be ready to take on the coveted title of Lady of the Manor and restore the Estate to its former glory? As the heart of the village, Tipping House Estate, makes its move into the 21st Century, pulses start to race in a novel packed full of charm, hunky stallions (the guys that is), and a daring plan that just has to succeed… A must read for fans of Fiona Walker, Tilly Bagshawe and Jo Carnegie!    

I'm really excited to be part of the CandleLit Author Services blog tour for Zara Stoneley's latest novel 'Country Affairs' today! The novel was released by Harper Impulse on the 7th of May and is the sequel to 'Stable Mates'. The book focuses on Charlotte, also known as Lottie, Brinkley who is on the verge of taking over her grandmother Elizabeth Stanthorpe's role as Lady of the Manor, taking the lead on all the estate business. However, they are dealing with a huge debt, so Lottie has her work cut out for her. She will need to focus on the financial side of things and come up with a plan to save the grounds of Tipping House without opening the estate to the public (clear orders from her grandmother). Thankfully, Lottie's friends are all on board to help her out. The only one to make a problem of things appears to be her boyfriend Rory, who doesn't want to change the casual life he leads with Lottie, and things get even more exciting when Lottie's ex Todd shows up completely unexpected. Question is, will Lottie be able to save both the family estate and her relationship with Rory or will she be forced to leave one of the two behind...?

This is the second part of Zara Stoneley's Tippermere series, which is filled with enough scandal, gossip, lords and ladies, horses and dogs to entertain readers for a few hours! I personally loved this sequel more than the first part of the series and enjoyed reading about the colourful group of characters even more this time around. Next to Lottie, there's a whole lot of individual characters who each add their own touch to the story, such as the lovely Amanda, handsome and Irish Mick, hilarious footballer's wife Sam, all the dogs and horses and their antics, and the stubborn Lady Elizabeth Stanthorpe (who has to be my favourite character of all). 

The book can be read as a stand-alone, even though I would personally advise to read 'Stable Mates' first, especially since there's quite a big group of characters which can get a bit confusing at times, especially if you don't know their backgrounds and history. Zara Stoneley's writing style is really comfortable; detailed enough, well-paced and easy to get lost in. I am sure 'Country Affairs' will leave many readers with a smile on their face; a thoroughly entertaining read with a good touch of horses and scandal which I really enjoyed!


Author Bio: 
 Bestselling author Zara Stoneley lives in deepest Cheshire surrounded by horses, dogs, cats and amazing countryside. When she's not visiting wine bars, artisan markets or admiring the scenery in her sexy high heels or green wellies, she can be found in flip flops on the beach in Barcelona, or more likely sampling the tapas! Zara writes hot romance and bonkbusters. Her latest novels, 'Stable Mates' and 'Country Affairs', are fun romps through the Cheshire countryside and combines some of her greatest loves - horses, dogs, hot men and strong women (and not forgetting champagne and fast cars)! She writes for Harper Collins and Accent Press.

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