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9 May 2015

Upcoming release: 'The Vintage Cinema Club' by Jane Linfoot!

Meet The Vintage Cinema Club….

Izzy is a wow at making unwanted things pretty, but with three brothers and her shabby chic furniture business to run she doesn’t have time to date. Could a fabulous French proposal change her mind

Single mum Luce’s vintage bridal dresses are exquisite, but there’s no way she’s ever going to wear one or walk down the aisle for that matter. She’s a strictly no romance, one night kind of woman – or so she thinks…

Dida seems to have it all – a chocolate and banana cake recipe to die for, lovely kids (most of the time!) and a great lifestyle. But what good is a fabulous home, when your marriage has more cracks than a pavlova and your husband is having it off with half of Lithuania?

Three retro fabulous friends, in love with all things vintage, run their dream business from the faded grandeur of a rescued cinema. When that dream comes under threat, they’ll do whatever it takes to save it.

Okay, I already love simply everything about this novel! The gorgeous cover (I love the vintage feel of it), the great and promising blurb, and the lovely author; Jane Linfoot is fab and I honestly can't wait to pick up her next novel. 'The Vintage Cinema Club' promises to be a fantastic read so be sure to order your own copy now! The e-book version will be released next week, on the 14th of May, and I can't wait to sit down with it myself!

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