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25 March 2015

Review: 'Bedside Manners' by Phoebe Fox (2015)

Brook Ogden has never encountered a broken heart she couldn’t patch together. Her counseling practice as the Breakup Doctor—on call to help you shape up after a breakup—is so busy she’s expanded to offer group sessions. (Turns out there are far more than fifty ways to leave your lover.) Her radio show and advice column have made her a local celebrity, and even her personal life, after some gruesome breakups of her own, is in recovery: Ben Garrett started out as a revenge date against an ex, but has turned into so much more.

But when sizzling-hot Chip Santana, an old client she once shared a rather unprofessional midnight roll in the sand with, comes back into her life asking for her help, Brook can’t say no. Yet while she’s busy stitching up his relationship troubles, Chip reveals much more than a therapeutic interest in her. 

In the standoff between her heart and her hormones, Brook’s cool, collected Wise Therapist persona begins to crack like thrown wedding china. She’s yelling at recalcitrant cheating husbands. Offering crazy advice to radio callers. She’s even hugging her clients.

When the situation goes critical, Brook’s forced into a decision she isn’t ready to make—and the Breakup Doctor has to decide what kind of casualties she’s willing to accept.

In October 2014 I reviewed author Phoebe Fox’s debut novel ‘The Breakup Doctor’; a thoroughly enjoyable, light, read which put a smile on my face, and a read which I think many chick lit fans will enjoy as much as I did (click here to read my review). On the 24th of March 2015, the second part of Phoebe Fox’s series was released by Henery Press, ‘Bedside Manners.’ I looked forward to seeing what would happen next to main character Brook Ogden and her business as ‘the breakup doctor’, so when I was asked to review the novel by the author herself a few weeks ago, I immediately said yes! 

After surviving her own devastating break-up, Brook Ogden has managed to start up her own successful business as the Breakup doctor; there to help others to get through any kind of relationship break-up. Next to her own weekly radio show and an advice column, Brook is now also planning on organising her own group therapy sessions and she can’t wait to help others with their relationship troubles. However, Brook also has her own love life to deal with. She’s dating the lovely Ben and after meeting his dog Jake and his mother Adelaide, Brook has a good feeling about their future together. Until one of her old clients, Chip Santana, gets back in touch with her and asks Brook for her help so he can finally deal with his previous break-ups. Brook still feels some heat between Chip and her and she knows she should avoid him, but somehow she can’t say no. Brook will need to make some important decisions in her life, which requires her to not just focus on other people’s troubles in love, but her own as well...

‘Bedside Manners’ is the second part of Phoebe Fox’s ‘The Breakup Doctor’ series and from the first few chapters I loved once again having a story starring protagonist Brook Ogden to get stuck in. The author really managed to create a great cast of fascinating characters in the first novel, and I loved reading more about them and their adventures. I found it incredibly easy to warm to Brook; she’s a flawed heroine, but this makes her realistic, relatable and I could just easily imagine being friends with her. The book includes some other lovely characters such as the lovely Ben (the guy Brook is dating) and Brook’s best friend Sasha, but if I have to name one character that stole my heart it has to be Ben’s dog, Jake. He was just incredibly crazy and sweet, and I just fell in love with him (and I’m not even a dog person!). 

Phoebe Fox’s writing is perfect for a chick lit novel and I really enjoyed her style; it’s really easy to get into, detailed enough, funny in the right places, and just flows incredibly well. I loved the fact that there were separate storylines to focus on, such as Brook’s love life and her new group therapy sessions, but also her relationship with her mother and the new love between her best friend Sasha and brother Stu. I personally prefer to always read the first book in a series first, but I suppose you can also jump into the story without any trouble by picking up this novel first instead. The ending of the story definitely leaves room for a third novel, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for that. Overall, ‘Bedside Manners’ is a wonderful second part of this thoroughly entertaining chick lit series; an entertaining and fun read which comes highly recommended!
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Thanks to the author & publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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