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15 January 2015

Blog Tour: 'But I Said Forever' by Jennifer Gilby Roberts


Jennifer Gilby Roberts is unleashing the second book in the fabulous Parker Sisters series! She will be doing the rounds with this soul-searching romance, which will bring you reviews, guest posts and a gorgeous giveaway!

  But I said forever

After a whirlwind courtship, Brittany Beresford married her Prince Charming and looked forward to living happily ever after. Five years later, she’s been reduced to a not-quite-desperate housewife, with a husband who spends more time flossing his teeth than holding meaningful conversations with her. She braves his disapproval and turns working mother and, other than feeling far more drawn to a handsome baker she works with than him, things seem to be looking up. But then she discovers that his “hobbies” include something even worse than golf – and he expects her to put up and shut up. Fairy tale illusions shattered, but still believing marriage is for life and wanting the best for her son, Brittany has a choice to make: should she follow her heart, or her conscience? 

But I Said Forever is the second book in the Parker Sisters series (first book The Dr Pepper Prophecies), but can be read as a standalone.    

I am really excited and honoured to be part of the CandleLit Author Services blog tour for Jennifer Gilby Roberts' novel 'But I Said Forever' today! The novel tells the story of twenty-three-year-old Brittany Beresford who has moved to a town in Cornwall together with her controlling husband Phillip and their nine-month-old son James. When Brittany married Phillip when she was just 18, she was in love and sure she was making the right decision. However, these days Brittany isn't very happy; Phillip only wants her to be the perfect housewife and stay-at-home mum, while she is longing for some time away from home, something that's her own. When she finds a part-time job at a local bakery, she seems to have found just the right place for her. With a great nanny to take care of James, Brittany is once again excited about her life. Until she discovers Phillip is keeping a big secret from her; a secret that will change absolutely everything. 

I instantly loved the gorgeous colourful cover of this book; in my eyes it's a cover that promises an enjoyable chick lit read, and that's definitely what 'But I Said Forever' is. Jennifer Gilby Roberts managed to create a lovely cast of characters with the naive Brittany at its core; a heroine who I couldn't help but warm to immediately. I quickly found myself rooting for her and really wanted her to find happiness, and it was great to see her character develop throughout the novel. Phillip made me quite angry from the start; he didn't seem to care about his family and he's quite old-fashioned in his views and thoughts. Thankfully, other characters such as baker Zack and nanny Carrie were there to distract from Phillip's behaviour and help Brittany. 

This is apparently the second book in a series called 'The Parker Sisters', but it can definitely be read as a stand-alone (I also didn't read the first part which is all about Brittany's sister Mel). The author's writing style is great; she really managed to pull me into the story and I couldn't get enough of the characters and everything that happened to them. My only complaint would have to be that it was too short; I would definitely love another book starring these characters! Overall, 'But I Said Forever' is a fun, quick-paced, and entertaining read which I am sure any chick lit fan will enjoy. I already look forward to picking up more of Jennifer Gilby Roberts' work in the future!


Jennifer Gilby Roberts

Author Bio:
Jennifer Gilby Roberts has a degree in physics and a postgraduate certificate in computing, so a career as a chick lit author was inevitable really. She was born and grew up in Surrey/Greater London, but now lives in Richmond, North Yorkshire with her husband, small daughter, two middle-aged cats and a lot of dust bunnies. She can be found getting red-faced at zumba class, reading historical porn (as her husband calls it – Regency romance to the rest of us) and humming nursery rhymes while going round Tesco.

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