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1 January 2015

Review: 'The Kiss Before Midnight' by Sophie Pembroke (2014)

Heading home to Liverpool for Christmas, Molly Mackenzie isn’t just looking forward to the mulled wine and mince pies – she’s got high hopes for who she’ll find under the mistletoe this year!

Unable to forget the delicious near miss with her brother’s best friend, Jake, last New Year’s Eve, Molly’s got a new resolution at the top of her list: seduce Jake and get this crazy chemistry out the way before it has serious repercussions on the rest of the Mackenzie family.

Only Molly has underestimated the magic of the holiday season… The more stolen moments in the snow that she shares with Jake, the more determined she is to make it a whole lot more than just a kiss before midnight.

One of the UK publishers that has treated us to quite a number of great reads which I personally really enjoyed this year is Harper Impulse. On the 13th of November, Sophie Pembroke's 'The Kiss Before Midnight' was released and this is one title I had been really looking forward to picking up this Christmas season. Last year, Sophie Pembroke released 'The Kiss Before Christmas' but I never got around to reading it, so I had decided I would definitely make time this year to check out her work and I kept my fingers crossed I'd be as excited about it as some other book bloggers and readers!

Molly Mackenzie is heading back home to Liverpool for the Christmas holidays, leaving her life in London behind. Not only is she excited to see her family again, but she also secretly can't wait to see Jake, her brother's best friend. Last New Year's Eve, the two of them could no longer resist the chemistry sparking between them and they kissed. Now, a year later, Molly wants to finally cross one of her resolutions of her list: seduce Jake. Mainly because she knows dating her brother's best friend wouldn't be the best idea; by sleeping with him she will be abe to get him out of her mind once and for all. However, the festive holiday spirit has its influence on both Jake and Molly and it might not be as easy as Molly had expected to get Jake out of her mind...

This is definitely my favourite Harper Impulse read of 2014; what a lovely, warm, romance read! The story really made me smile and I couldn't get enough of it. It was incredibly easy to warm to Molly and to fall for Jake, who I definitely developed a soft spot for. Jake lost his parents when he was younger and has since then belonged to the Mackenzie family. After the kiss with Molly, things start to feel different which confuses him, especially since he doesn't want to jeopardise his place within the Mackenzie family household. Molly is determined to spend one night with Jake and then finally let go of her feelings for him. Both Molly and Jake were well-rounded characters whose stories really spoke to me. 

The story is told from both Molly and Jake's perspective and I personally always really enjoy it when a romantic story is told from both a male and female point of view. From the start it's clear Molly and Jake haven't forgotten the kiss they shared last New Year's Eve and I loved reading about their feelings and thoughts, and I kept my fingers crossed for a happy ending for them. The novella has an entertaining storyline, steamy romance scenes, a wonderful collection of characters, and a lovely dose of holiday cheer. I really enjoyed it and I already can't wait to check out Sophie Pembroke's other works. 'The Kiss at Midnight' is a quick-paced, heart-warming, and sexy romance read which I couldn't get enough of. Perfect if you're looking for a quick holiday read and definitely worth picking up!
For more information about this book: / / Goodreads
Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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