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9 May 2014

Upcoming Release: 'Two Weddings and a Baby' by Scarlett Bailey

Tamsyn appears to have it all. A lush apartment in Paris, a job working at the best design agency and a hot boyfriend - albeit a secret one.

But after five years away she's back to her quiet hometown to celebrate her brother's wedding. Cue a flood, the discovery of a mystery newborn and the impossible task of rustling up a wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses in only a few days.

And then there's Jed Edwards, the attractive priest, whom she can't help but keep running into. Suddenly Poldore is looking a lot more appealing than her glamourous life in Paris. But will she have enough faith to risk it all on someone she just met?

On the 19th of June, Scarlett Bailey, who is mainly known for her fabulously sparkling Christmas novels, will treat us all to a lovely summer read! 'Two Weddings and a Baby' tells the story of Tamsyn, who already sounds like a great heroine, who goes back to her quiet hometown for her brother's wedding. I'm already excited to read what Tamsyn will find back in Poldore, and discover a bit more about the handsome priest mentioned in the blurb!

You can pre-order your own copy on Amazon now by clicking here!

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