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4 May 2014

Upcoming release: 'The Travelling Tea Shop' by Belinda Jones

Laurie loves a challenge. Especially if it involves anything beautiful, baked and frosted. The brief is simple: With three other women, Laurie will board a London bus - kitted out as an English tea shop - on a deliciously different road trip of the USA. 

Their mission: To bring home-grown classics like Battenberg, Victoria sponge and scones to the land of cupcakes, whoopie pies and gold-leafed chocolate sundaes. 

And to show them how a real cup of tea is made. All of the women have their own secrets and heartaches to heal. As well as a grand appreciation of cupcakes, there's also the chance for romance...

But will making whoopee lead to love? 

On the 22nd of May several fabulous books will be released, including this pretty one by chick lit author Belinda Jones! I love love love the sound of 'The Travelling Tea Shop' and honestly can't wait to get my hands on a copy of this novel. I love stories about baking and yummy goods, and the idea of a road trip around the USA to compare British and American treats... It sounds absolutely brilliant!

You can pre-order your own copy on Amazon by clicking here!   


  1. This book sounds like it'll be a great read! Thank you for posting about it - otherwise I would've never found it!

  2. Glad to hear it, Ebony, you're very welcome! Can't wait to read this book! :)