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I have decided to stop with this blog, so won't be taking on any more book review requests at this time.

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  1. Dear Jody, I think ( I hope!) I have written just the book for you! My name is Caitriona Leslie and I self-published (never judge a book by the fact that it's self-published :-)) my first novel late last year. 'Alice-Rose' is a "heart-warming" contemporary Irish Love Story, and so much more besides! It embraces the importance of family, friendship, and ultimately, romantic love. Several people have likened it to a modern-day Jane Austin novel ... "a great story, beautifully told". Jody, you can decide for yourself. To give you an insight, this is the book's website -

    Jody, if you think that you would be interested in it, I would love to send you a copy - let me know.

    Many thanks for your time and consideration,
    Kindest Regards,
    Caitriona Leslie