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25 May 2017

Review: 'Summer at the Little Wedding Shop' by Jane Linfoot (2017)

The third book in the bestselling series, ‘The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea’.

Summer fun comes to Brides by the Sea and there’s love in the Cornish sea breeze as the girls tackle their busiest wedding season yet. There’s plenty of bunting, bubbly and baking – but who is going to catch the bouquet?

I'm so glad author Jane Linfoot contacted me a few weeks ago with the question whether I was interested to review the third part of her lovely series about the Little Wedding Shop by the Sea. Both Jane and her novels have been some of my favourites during the past few years, and even though I actually stopped accepting book review requests because I'm closing down the blog, I couldn't possibly say no to her. When I read 'The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea' I immediately loved everything about it and I'm so glad to have been given the chance to check out this third and latest instalment of the series. I was more than ready to dive back into the world of weddings and once again meet up with some familiar faces...!

Wedding dress shop Brides by the Sea is doing better than ever, and when boss Jess decides to open a special section for styling weddings she immediately knows whom she wants as her stylist. Lily is mainly used to working with flowers, but as she finds herself out of a job she decided to take Jess' offer with both hands and make the best of it. But then Kip Penryn, a familiar face from Lily's past, unexpectedly shows up in Cornwall and sets up a rival wedding business in a gorgeous country mansion down the road. Without even a second to worry about her new job, Lily is sent to investigate and check out the enemy; what are Kip's plans and how will this affect Lily and her friends and their wedding business...?

As soon as I picked up this novel I knew Jane Linfoot wouldn't let me down, and as expected: she didn't! 'Summer at the Little Wedding Shop' is the third part of this book series, published by Harper Impulse, and it's a series I honestly can't get enough of. The first part already made me fall in love with Brides by the Sea (the wedding shop that's central to the story), the different characters (Poppy, Sera, Jess, Rafe, Immie, Lily...), the setting and the engaging and simply great storylines. The second part of the series was just as great, and I can say the third part follows the exact same line. While the novel can be read as a stand-alone, I highly recommend starting at the beginning of the series, because you won't be disappointed (especially if you're a chick lit fan).

This novel focuses on Lily, who is a great and easily likeable main character, and some handsome man candy is added to the novel in the form of Kip Penryn. I loved the fun banter between Kip and Lily and felt myself rooting for them from the start. There were several different aspects to the story and I really loved how the pace of the book was great and all the different storylines kept me captivated and entertained at all times. All in all, I think 'Summer at the Little Wedding Shop' is a simply fabulous, sweet and delightful wedding-filled story by author Jane Linfoot; a fantastic third part of this series, and the only thing left for me to say is: when can we expect part four...?! 
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Thanks to the publisher & author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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