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3 April 2017

Upcoming Release: 'The Choir on Hope Street' by Annie Lyons

The best things in life happen when you least expect them.

Nat’s husband has just said the six words no one wants to hear – ‘I don’t love you any more’.

Caroline’s estranged mother has to move into her house turning her perfectly ordered world upside down.

Living on the same street these two women couldn’t be more different. Until the beloved local community centre is threatened with closure. And when the only way to save it is to form a community choir – none of the Hope Street residents, least of all Nat and Caroline, expect the results…

Later this week, on the 6th of April to be exact, we will be treated to a new book release which I am personally really excited about! Annie Lyons' new novel 'The Choir on Hope Street' promises to be a simply lovely and hope-filled read that I can't wait to pick up. I'm lucky enough to have a review copy of the book waiting for me, so I'm already keeping my fingers crossed that I will end up enjoying this book as much as I am secretly hoping I will...!

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