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22 December 2016

Review: 'Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop' by Jane Linfoot (2016)

The snow is falling around Brides by the Sea, Cornwall’s cutest little wedding shop, and wedding dress designer Seraphina East is in her cosy studio designing exquisite dresses to make even the most demanding bride’s dreams come true.

Unless the bride is her big sister Alice of course. Saying that the two sisters don’t always see eye to eye is an understatement. Alice hasn’t even asked Sera to design her wedding dress. But when an absent groom and ill-fitting dress threaten to ruin Alice’s happiness let alone her big day, Sera’s determined to give her sister the winter wedding of her dreams – even if that means keeping not one but two irresistibly gorgeous best men under control…

Is Sera going to end up being the maid of dishonour…Or will repairing her frozen relationship with Alice be the icing on the wedding cake?

Over the past few years I've had the pleasure of reading several of author Jane Linfoot's books, such as 'The Vintage Cinema Club' (click here to read my review), which I loved, and most recently the first part of her new series 'Cupcakes and Confetti: The Little Wedding Shop by the Sea' (click here to read my review). I really loved that one and as soon as I'd finished it I was already looking forward to the second part, 'Sequins and Snowflakes: Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop'. Luckily, the lovely Jane herself made sure I received a review copy of the novel (thanks so much, Jane!) and it has been one of this year's festive winter reads I was most excited about, because I had a good feeling it would end up being one of my favourites of this year...!

Seraphina East, known to her friends as Sera, loves her job working as a wedding dress designer in shop 'Brides by the Sea' in St. Aiden in Cornwall. Having to deal with her bridezilla sister Alice is a completely different matter, though. Sera and Alice don't always see eye to eye, and Alice's winter wedding, which she has been saving for and planning for the past three years, is one of the matters that causes quite a bit of tension. But when everything seems to go wrong, Sera is determined to fix things and give her sister the wedding she deserves. With the help of her wedding shop colleagues and the two best men, Quinn and Johnny, Sera tries her best, but will she be able to save the day or will a bit of Christmas magic and determination simply not be enough this time around...?

'Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop' is the second part of Jane Linfoot's series that focuses on 'Brides by the Sea', a wedding shop in Cornwall. In the first instalment we were introduced to Poppy, the wedding cake baker and close friend of our leading lady in this second book, Seraphina, who designs wedding dresses. I'm a sucker for novels about weddings and I have to say Jane Linfoot has done an amazing job with this series. The characters are wonderful (I already loved Poppy and other familiar faces such as Jess and Rafe, but Sera really won me over in this book that's all about her), the setting is stunning with great descriptions, the storylines are captivating and I just thoroughly enjoyed everything about it, really!

What makes this novel extra special is the added Christmas element; a winter wedding takes centre stage in the story and the descriptions were just gorgeous. Combined with the story it made me feel all warm inside, and I really didn't want the story to end. For those of you who haven't read the first part of the series, you should definitely give it a chance, but you can also start with this one because it can quite easily be read as a stand-alone. I could go on and on about the lovely wedding details and the handsome best men Quinn and Johnny, but it's best if you just go out and get a copy yourself! Jane linfoot has done an amazing job with 'Christmas at the Little Wedding Shop'; it's a gorgeous, festive, sparkling read that left me with a big smile on my face. I honestly already can't wait for the third part which will be released in 2017... Loved it!
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Thanks to the publisher and author for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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