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25 October 2016

Blog Tour: 'The Christmas Promise' by Sue Moorcroft

For Ava Bliss, it’s going to be a Christmas to remember …

On a snowy December evening, Sam Jermyn steps into the life of bespoke hat maker Ava. Sparks fly, and not necessarily the good ones.

Times are tough for Ava – she’s struggling to make ends meet, her ex-boyfriend is a bully, and worst of all, it’s nearly Christmas.

So when Sam commissions Ava to make a hat for someone special, she makes a promise that will change her life. She just doesn’t know it yet…

Today I'm incredibly excited to share a bit of early Christmas cheer with all of you by being part of the blog tour for Sue Moorcroft's newest book 'The Christmas Promise', which was released by Avon UK on October 6th! I have no idea why, but this is actually my first Sue Moorcroft novel, and I was really looking forward to finally checking out her writing after many years of hearing about her lovely books. Next to that, the book already sounded like a great read I definitely would have picked up myself, and not just because of it's Christmas theme! If you want to read more about this title, be sure to check out some of the other blogs taking part in the blog tour, you can find all the links on the blog tour poster!

Ava Blissham is trying her best to get by on what she earns as a hat maker. She loves the fact that she set up her very own business, but would be lying if she said it made her life easier. Next to that, it's almost Christmas, a time she isn't the biggest fan of because of her parents who never really felt the need to celebrate, and her ex-boyfriend Harvey keeps on popping up in her life unwanted. When Ava joins her best friend and room mate Izz as a plus-one to a work party, she meets Sam Jermyn, and she can't ignore the sparks between them. However, Ava doesn't want to date anyone right now. But when Sam asks her to make a hat for a special someone in his life, Ava can't possibly say no...

Oh, what a lovely December read! I really enjoyed everything about 'The Christmas Promise' and am so glad I finally got to check out Sue Moorcroft's writing. Even though I know absolutely nothing about the art of making hats, I straight away loved the fact that Ava, the main character, is a milliner and it was really interesting to read more about it and see how happy Ava can make people with a new hat that suits them. It was easy to warm to Ava, and I also instantly liked Izz, Ava's best friend, and Sam, who really is the knight-in-shining-armour type which I'm sure many readers will fall for, just like me. I love it when a book has a good and convincing romance at its core and that was definitely the case here.

While the novel is a lovely read with a good dose of Christmas cheer, it is not as festive as some other holiday reads out there and deals with a few quite serious topics in the various plotlines (another thing which I loved about this novel; more than enough to keep my interest!). However, the author really manages to do this in a suitable manner and doesn't make the read an incredibly heavy/dark one. I really enjoyed Sue Moorcroft's writing and hope I'll be able to read more of her work. Overall, 'The Christmas Promise' is a heartwarming, festive, and well-written read; perfect for this time of year and well worth picking up!

For more information about this book: / / Goodreads

Thanks to the publisher for providing me with a review copy in exchange for an honest review.

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