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24 September 2015

What would you add to your dream literary collection?

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely people over at online auction house Invaluable with the question what my dream literary collection would look like. A great question for a book lover like me! I think all book fans will agree with me that it's wonderful to just dream about that perfect book collection. For me personally, my dream literary collection would never be complete, because it's important to keep on looking and discovering new reads. While I have my favourites, like everyone does, it's great to discover new authors and fall in love with new stories you weren't familiar with before. I've spent quite a bit of time on the Invaluable website, I have to admit, browsing through all the fabulous things they have on there. Below, I'll share some of my personal favourites, antique books I'd definitely add to my own dream literary collection!

Jane Austen novels
I'd definitely buy as many different editions of Jane Austen books I could find. The older (or the prettier...), the better! <3

'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott
'Little Women' is one of my favourite all-time reads and one that means quite a lot to me. I'd love to have an old and special version of the book, including old-book smell!

'Peter Pan' by J.M. Barrie
I just love this stunning 1912 illustrated copy of 'Peter Pan', another one of my personal favourite children's stories. The book looks gorgeous and I am sure the illustrations on the inside look just as great.

'The Wizard of Oz' books by L. Frank Baum
Another favourite of mine! I'd love to have the entire 'Wizard of Oz' series and these old children's book versions look just perfect.

These are just some of the books I'd love to add to my personal dream literary collection, but I could spend many more hours searching for fabulous books online! Which books would you add to your own dream collection? I'd love to hear from you!

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