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20 June 2015

Message from author Fia Essen!

Today I have a special message from author Fia Essen about her latest release 'Ariel'!


My name is Fia Essen and I’m an author. I’ve written and published two novels and I’m currently working on a third. Even though writing isn’t exactly a 9-5 occupation, I think of it as a job. And spreading the word about my books is a part of the job. Today, Jody has very graciously let me take up space on her blog so I can tell you a little about “Ariel”.

Ariel is a half-English, half-American, lifelong expat who was born in Hong Kong and now lives in Singapore. At the age of thirty-four, she is in debt and out of luck. She used to have a great career, a penthouse she shared with her boyfriend of ten years, and a group of fun friends. Now she has a dead-end job, a rented hovel of a home, and a rising stack of unpaid bills to keep her company.

Her friends and family think she quit her job. She didn’t. They think she was the one who ended the relationship with her boyfriend. She didn’t do that either. They also think she quit driving due to a sudden concern about her carbon footprint. But the truth is her license to drive was revoked when she was arrested for driving under the influence of red wine mixed with diazepam. She had only consumed half a glass of wine and she thought she had taken regular painkillers, not prescription drugs, which she tried to explain to the arresting officer but he wasn’t in the mood to listen to her explanation.

Just when Ariel is starting to fear she will never be able to get her life back on track, she is contacted by the mysterious Muse Agency. Suddenly, she is forced to question everything she thought she knew about herself and those around her.    

Ariel, in essence, is a story about finding the courage to pick yourself up when you’ve hit rock-bottom and starting over. And, of course, Ariel does meet a charming Irishman. But will she have the guts to take a chance on love again? 

I’d absolutely love it if you read the book and find out!

You can find Ariel on Amazon in paperback and Kindle here:

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Thank you!


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