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30 August 2013

September 2013 releases to look forward to! (Part 1)

Even though some of you are lucky enough to still be on holiday, or might even have a last-minute weekend away booked, summer is slowly coming to an end! September is almost upon us, which means Autumn isn't too far away. I'm already looking forward to sitting inside, getting comfortable on the couch with a warm blanket, a cup of tea, and a good novel! When it comes to books, September has plenty to offer, so be sure to have a look at these upcoming releases and add the ones you like the sound of to your to-read list!

Emily Liebert - 'You Knew Me When' (3rd of September 2013)

When Katherine Hill receives word of an inheritance from former neighbor Luella Hancock, she reluctantly returns home to the people and places she left behind. Hoping for a second chance, she’s met by an unforgiving Laney, her former best friend. And there’s someone else who’s moved on without her—someone she once loved. Tethered to their shared inheritance of Luella’s sprawling Victorian mansion, Katherine and Laney are forced to address their long-standing grudges. Through this, they come to understand that while life has taken them in different directions, ultimately the bonds of friendship and sisterhood still bind them together. But are some wounds too old and deep to mend?
Why so excited? --> Emily Liebert's debut novel 'You Knew Me When' is released on the 3rd of September, and this is a release I've been excited about for quite some time. I was lucky enough to receive a review copy and absolutely loved it. Katherine and Laney are great characters, and the story made me just want to keep on reading, while at the same time I didn't want it to finish. Definitely pick up this novel as soon as you can, you won't be disappointed!

Sue Margolis - 'Coming Clean' (3rd of September 2013)

Eleven years ago, Sophie and Greg couldn’t get enough of each other. A pair of full-time jobs and two kids later, they’re in therapy asking themselves where all the sexy times went. Sophie thinks she knows: They’re buried under Greg’s mess. And even though her slob of a husband tries to make up for his shortcomings by cooking the occasional meal, Sophie is left to clean umpteen dirty dishes.

The last straw is when Greg uses some inheritance money to buy a World War II Sherman tank, which starts World War III in their marriage.

Sophie doesn’t so much surrender as retreat—right out of the relationship. While Greg almost immediately shacks up with someone else, Sophie finds herself facing even more uncertainty due to a job reorganization. And even though she begins to lose her heart to a high school crush, Sophie starts to realize that a shiny new relationship doesn’t always offer the softest place to fall…and she may find self-acceptance and love in the place she least expects it.

Why so excited? --> I'm not familiar with Sue Margolis' work, but I've read and heard that her novels are 'wickedly funny'. The blurb already shows traces of this, and I am quite curious to find out more about Sophie and Greg, and their own World War III!

Victoria Fox - 'Glittering Fortunes' (6th of September 2013)

Charlie Lomax hasn’t seen his brother in years. Cato’s been too busy living the A-list Hollywood dream to bother with the likes of a small Cornish town. But now he’s back. Hollywood and British aristocracy are about to clash, as Cato sets out to claim the Lomax legacy he believes is his birthright.

Unsuspecting Olivia needs a job after spectacularly failing to make a life for herself in London. Forced back to Cornwall, she has no idea what she's letting herself in for by becoming a gardener at the crumbling but beautiful Usherwood estate.

She certainly didn’t bargain on becoming embroiled in the biggest scandal of the year, and not least because the brooding Charlie is a man she can’t seem to stay away from…

Why so excited? --> I love the glamour and scandal of Victoria Fox's novels, and it sounds like 'Glittering Fortunes' definitely fits those two keywords! The clash of Hollywood and British aristocracy sounds fabulous, and I'm looking forward to reading more about Charlie and Cato, and the Usherwood estate (already love the sound of this)!

Amy Silver - 'The Reunion' (12th of September 2013)

They thought they'd be friends forever.

Jen, Andrew, Lilah, Natalie and Dan were inseparable at university, but in the seventeen years since they left they have hardly seen each other. Until Jen invites them all to stay at her house in the French Alps. The house where they once spent a golden summer before tragedy tore them apart.

When a snowstorm descends, they find themselves trapped and forced to confront their unresolved issues, frustrated passions and broken friendships. And as relationships shift and marriages flounder, the truth about what really happened years before is slowly revealed. And Jen realises that perhaps some wounds can never be healed...

Why so excited? --> I just love the cover of 'The Reunion' and I think it fits the story very well, from what I can gather from the blurb. I am intrigued by the idea of these four university friends, getting together again after seventeen years, to see what has changed and what might still be the same. I'm already looking forward to finding out more about these characters and the storyline!

Jane Green - 'Tempting Fate' (12th of September 2013)

When Gabby first met Elliott she knew he was the man for her. In twenty years of marriage she has never doubted her love for him - even when he refused to give her the one thing she still wants most of all. But now their two daughters are growing up Gabby feels that time and her youth are slipping away. For the first time in her life she is restless. And then she meets Matt...

Intoxicated by the way this young, handsome and successful man makes her feel, Gabby is momentarily blind to what she stands to lose on this dangerous path. And in one reckless moment she destroys all that she holds dear.

Consumed by regret, Gabby does everything she can to repair the home she has broken. But are some betrayals too great to forgive?

Why so excited? --> Is there a reason not to be excited about a new Jane Green novel?! Most chick lit fans will be familiar with Jane Green and her work, and will understand why I'm really looking forward to picking up my own copy of this novel! Gorgeous cover, fascinating blurb, and a handsome male character named Matt (a name I've always had a particular weakness for)... I can't wait!

Wendy Holden - 'Gifted and Talented' (12th of September 2013)

It's the new university term among the dreaming spires. The start of a whole new life.

Meet Isabel, beautiful, clever, shy - and leaving home for the first time. Meet Olly, recently graduated, idealistic and a little hopeless, a man whose heart leads his brain and for whom opportunity just hasn't come knocking - yet. Meet Amber, the It girl who is soon partying with the fast set - and no-one is faster than Jasper de Borchy, glamorous leader of the notorious Bullinger club. Meet the grown-ups: Diana, recently divorced mother-of-one, newly arrived in town to take up a post as college gardener - and Richard, the new college head, a widower, a scientist, and as lonely as some of the specimens he captures in his science lab.

The rich, the poor, the shy, the extrovert, the givers, the takers. Meet the Gifted and Talented.

Why so excited? --> It was love at first sight for me as soon as I saw this cover on Amazon. Isn't it stunning?! I almost wouldn't even care what the book is about with a cover like that and Wendy Holden's name on it! However, the blurb luckily doesn't disappoint either, so I am thoroughly looking forward to this!

Melissa Hill - 'The Guest List' (12th of September 2013)

When funny, kind and gorgeous Shane proposes, Cara is over the moon, and can't wait to share the news of their engagement with all their friends and family.

Excitement, however, quickly turns to apprehension when it seems that everyone has a fixed idea of the perfect wedding and offers to 'help' with the planning. With tussles over the ceremony and the size of the guest list, sibling rivalry and insistent in-laws-to-be, Cara can see the vision she has of her big day being ripped to shreds.

So she and Shane determine to make a stand and do things their way. But when they announce their plans for a beach wedding on a beautiful Caribbean island, there is uproar. Threats are made, family secrets are revealed, and things turn decidedly stormy.

Will Cara and Shane manage to overcome all obstacles? Or will their dream wedding turn into a nightmare?

Why so excited? --> To those of you who visit my blog often, this cover might seem familiar. That's because the hardback version of 'The Guest List' was one of my April 2013 picks, but I couldn't help but pay some attention to the paperback release as well! Melissa Hill is one of my favourite chick lit authors and I can't wait to pick up a copy of this gorgeous novel in September!

Be sure to keep an eye on the blog for more upcoming September 2013 releases!

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